03/16/20 – Coronavirus Lockdown Game

On Monday, 03/16/20, I ventured off to Marquette University on foot after neglecting for over a month. I didn’t want to risk having Nicole spot me there, hence why my initial hesitation on heading over and gaming in such a target rich environment.

Needless to say, my worries were in vain. Due to the Coronavirus Lockdown of 2020, the campus was dead. I walked around from building to building, met with only dead silence. It was nice to sit around and reminiscent about how this was the first campus I ever day gamed in, but I eventually left the scene.

Surprisingly enough, I was able to get three sets in, despite the city wide lockdown.

None were worth recording, unfortunately.

… But with the lockdown, how will I game? I need to get my sets in.

You know what they say: If you don’t use it – you lose it.

I can’t lose four months worth of pick-up progress all for some stupid virus.

But I must be careful at the same time.

03/14/20 – Gettin’ The Hang Of Things

On Saturday, 03/14/20, I ventured off to Mayfair Mall and did four approaches. All sets were exclusively moving, since I wanted to get the hang of stopping non-stationary sets. It was harder, but thank god, I managed to try and instadate my last set. I believe the number is going to be a flake, but at least I got the phone number of a moving set.

That’s a major fucking win to me.

Overall, as stated above, I did four sets – but only the last one was worth recording.

Approach #1: At the end of my approaches, I ran into a cute white girl. She was a soft HB 7, tall, and had a down-to-earth personality. I know I should have texted her five minutes after meeting her, but for some reason, I just didn’t feel like it.

Anyway, she was friendly enough. I’m positive she knew I was running game on her the second I opened her, but seemed to enjoy it. If you listen to the audio infield, you can actually hear when I spike her emotions.

03/12/20 – Alpha Game

On Thursday, 03/12/20, I ventured off to Mayfair Mall once again and focused exclusively on sets who weren’t lounging around. Pretty much, girls on the move. I was motivated to head out after Todd V answered my question regarding walking sets. His response?

They’re harder than stationery sets. It’s a fact of life, but do you know why you’re failing at them? You’re mindset. You’re worried about what the girl thinks about you. That’s what’s killing your game.

I wholeheartedly agree.

Strangely enough, I had Yuma flashbacks when I gamed today. I decided to run alpha, red pill game. I should have gone full direct since I had the body language, verbiage, and overall vibe down, but I went friendly direct instead. It’s a good start.

Overall, I did five approaches, but only one was worth recording.

Approach #1: I ran into this adorably geeky cosplay girl outside of a Nordstrom store. She was busy loading stuff up into a bag. I did a direct friendly opener with great body language, but I faltered some time during the set. I’d have to consult JP regarding it.

03/09/20 – Back to Mayfair

On Monday, 03/09/20, I ventured off to Mayfair Mall yesterday and almost did exclusively moving sets. At the end, I did six approaches, but none were worth recording.

This is to further my goal of being able to stop, get the attention of, and eventually attract sets on the go. Most women are moving about, have schedules, or a need to go places. It’s imperative that I learn this skillset in order to broaden and increase my ratio of success.

I believe, out of the six approaches I did, four of them were moving sets.

03/05/20 – Concordia University

On 03/05/20, I ventured off to Concordia University and overall, did six approaches. My initial thoughts? It’s a great campus with lots of buildings and opportunities that I, unfortunately, missed out on. Sets are bountiful, but on the move constantly or in groups.

As stated above, I did six sets, but none were worth recording.

Why? Two reasons: A.) I wasn’t “in state” and consequently, spat out bad or meh game that didn’t make me compelling enough. B.) I missed out on plenty of opportunities with moving sets.

This reminds me: I need to learn how to stop, approach, and game moving sets. It’s an absolute must.

Therefore, I will make a list of openers to use on moving sets in another thread.

03/04/20 – Approach Blues

On Wednesday, 03/04/20, I ventured off to Wisconsin Lutheran College and did a measly two sets. I discovered the nerdy Belgian girl was uncomfortable with me trying to escalate via text and that, coupled with the fact she broke up with me, led to me doing half-hearted sets. I mean, yeah, I’m bummed out – but it’s not the end of the world.

Overall, I didn’t like Wisconsin Lutheran College. The campus is far too small and huddled together. It also has a heavy Christian vibe to it, so I had to tone down any set I did immensely.

Sadly, I will not be revisiting this venue any time soon.

Of course, nothing was worth recording.

03/02/20 – Carroll University

On Monday, 03/02/20, I ventured off to Carroll University due to a suggestion by Swoop The World user dingdongditch. God damn, he was right. It’s a small college with a slightly religious vibe to it and is filled with so-called “horse girls”. What is a horse girl exactly? Dingdongditch describes them as:

“Generally, live at home, wealthy parents, go to class, drive home, order-in, watch netflix, graduate to dog and apartment paid for by parents, 50k as a healthcare admin for some reason, that’s the northside girl in a nutshell.”

Overall, I like the campus. Quite a bit, actually. The female-to-male ratio is heavily skewed in my favor. With 65.3% of the student body being female and 34.7% of it being male. It showed when I visited the campus, too. A vast majority of the students walking around were female – I saw a few guys, but not many.

I did six approaches, but only one was worth recording.

Approach #1: I walked into Carroll University’s library. Within the first few minutes, I saw this isolated, incredibly adorable college girl with the most piercing blue eyes. She had a strong babyface, I’d wager a hard HB 7, with a cute, yet dorky look to her. At first I hesitated since a Middle Eastern girl decided to sit nearby, but I waved it off and did the set anyway.

Disclaimer – Due to the fact the set was located in a library. My set and I whispered everything. So expect lower than average audio quality.

Notch #3: Nerdy Belgian Girl – Gettin’ Head

Warning: NSFW details below

On 02/29/2020, Saturday, I met up with the nerdy Belgian girl from Marquette University once again. This time we went to Taylors at 9:30 PM, where I ordered a Dirty Martini and bought Nicole a Pink Vodka Lemonade Cocktail.

In a twist of fate, the Hispanic wingman just so happened to appear as well and sat at our table for a few minutes before leaving. Our conversation was much more flirtatious than before, and we snapped a few pictures of us before venturing out to This Is It.

The big surprise? I didn’t run game. Well, maybe comfort game, but that’s it. No push-pull, no techniques, save acting as the higher value partner in this relationship.

When we went to This Is It, we passionately made out at a booth. Nicole understood it’s socially acceptable to express your true emotions with your partner in a bar or club, including physical acts of intimacy.

At the end of our night out, we decided to hit the dance floor. She wasn’t the greatest at club dancing, and this time, I schooled her! That’s fine, though haha. Finally, at 12:30 AM, we went to my apartment.

At my apartment, we pretty much went to work immediately. I made out with her, pulled off my shirt, jeans and boxers. Nicole her shirt, bra, and jeans. I sat there with her naked, while she in her panties. I knew I had to escalate once again. I mean, damn, this was the third date.

I went for her panties, she was apprehensive about the whole ordeal. I ran heavy comfort game within the span of 10-20 minutes before she finally relaxed and took her panties off. She had a full-on bush but a tiny pussy that was tight as hell. I play with her clit for a few minutes before fingering her. Nicole was soaking wet and damn, I really wanted to get my cock in her.

… But she still said no. Like, what the fuck? Seriously.

Any normal dude and I mean any guy, would have tried going for the kill immediately. As a pickup artist, I knew patience was my ally here. I tried to persuade her a few times, but she just wouldn’t budge. The girl has strong mental issues regarding sex sadly.

However, the night wasn’t a loss.

I ate out Nicole after fingering her, passionately tonguing her pussy for a few minutes before kissing her on the lips. This aroused her enough to learn how to give me a blowjob. It was sexy how naive and new she was to giving head – but she learned quickly and was enthusiastic about it.

All I had to do was nudge her in the direction of my cock, she knew what to do, and blew me for a few minutes. At the end, I jerked off, while Nicole gave me a blowjob intermittently before spraying my load on her chest and arm.

And hey, even though it wasn’t vaginal penetration if getting a blowjob is good enough for the (in)famous PUA Styles to count as a notch – it’s good enough for me too.

After the fun was all said and done, we both took a shower together before heading to bed.

02/29/20 – Back to Mayfair

On Saturday, 02/29/20, I ventured back to Mayfair Mall after leaving it untouched for a few weeks. Needless to say, I know I need to practice my mall day game. It’s hard for me to stop moving sets, but today, I managed to snag one.

Overall, I did six approaches, but none were worth recording.

I did manage to stop one woman. She was a soft HB 7, attractive, but the set lasted only a few seconds. Hmm, I know good tonal vocality, accompanied by a genuine, unplanned compliment worked best compared to planning everything out beforehand.

I’ll have to try my hand at it again soon.

02/26/20 – Cardinal Stritch University

On Wednesday, 02/26/20, I decided to venture off to small colleges within Milwaukee, namely Cardinal Stritch University. It has a student population of 2,200, kinda ghetto, but religious private school. The female-male ratio is skewed in my favor, with a mostly female student body; and as a cherry on top, a solid 15% of them are foreign exchange students. Hell, I ran into a Spanish girl today.

In any other case, I did three sets. However, only one was worth recording.

Approach #1: Met a cute Latina girl. She was a soft HB 7, cute as hell, and a Latina. Her personality is very friendly and positive. I’m not sure if I had a good set or alternatively, just made a friend. In any other case, the Todd V FB guys are going to examine the audio infield recording and give their opinions.

Will this be a solid number? I’m not sure, but I plan to find out tomorrow.