02/23/20 – The Serenity in Stoicism

On Sunday, 02/23/20, I did four sets at Bayshore Mall. If I had to rank mall quality for a pickup artist in Milwaukee, it’d be Mayfair > Bayshore > Southwest. Perfect choice, too. It was a nice 50F today, with a good amount of people milling about.

However, only two sets were worth recording.

Approach #1: I ran into this half-Puerto Rican/half-White girl chilling on a bench. She was friendly at first, but as the conversation went on, I discovered she’s sensitive about topics such as race. I probably should have played it a bit softer, but overall, the conversation went bad.

I’d say it’s a prime example of how a bad set looks like and probably play the race card much softer in the future.

Approach #2: A few hours later, I ran into this half-Black/half-White K-Pop fan at Barnes and Nobles. She was pretty cool and we had a good interaction. It didn’t help she was in a rush to go to work, but I made the most with what I could.

During this set, I realized I was unusually calm, very similar to my experience with the nerdy Belgian girl from Marquette. I believe this stems from internalizing the concept of non-neediness and being an overall cool guy who a girl wants to impress.

Date #2: Nerdy Belgian Girl – Baby Steps

On 02/22/2020, Saturday, I met up with the nerdy Belgian girl from Marquette University again. This time, I decided to go to Victor’s at 3PM, where it was only Nicole, myself, and an employee who works there often.

This time, I ran into no issues. My game was tight, the venue was quiet, all without any social pressure to stem the date. It was the perfect date.

Since patrons didn’t inhabit the restaurant, I felt free to game as I saw fit. While I made a few minor mistakes (ie. becoming too platonic at times), it wasn’t enough to stem the tide of sexual pressure during the date.

The biggest technique I used in set was being as playful and fun as humanly possible. Nicole taught me how to foxtrot – a form of smooth, progressive dance similar to the waltz – in the middle of Victor’s big, satisfyingly empty floor.

I’ll admit, I’m not the best dancer. It didn’t seem to matter though. Nicole and I had a great time. Consequently, I believe I seeded an emotional bond between the both of us. She’s beginning to text faster, obey my commands, etc. However, that’s after the date. After spending an hour or so at Victor’s, we went back to my apartment.

I didn’t have to make an excuse to head inside my apartment. It was natural. I took my keys, we went inside, and into my room with no fuss.

A few minutes in, we began making out on my bed. Since this was the second date, she did give LMR, but not nearly as bad as the first date. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to fuck her. By combining enough comfort and applying pressure, I was able to have Nicole give me a handjob.

It was fun and exciting for her – which is exactly what I want our experience to feel like.

She enjoyed learning where my sensitive spots where. She kissed, prodded, and licked my neck and chest. It taught me a valuable lesson in game: Make her work for it. Don’t just give her the world or entertain her. Make her give back – not just take.

02/19/20 – New Territory

On Wednesday, 02/19/20, I ventured off to UWM once again to check out the Computer Science building and new territory I haven’t explored yet. Needless to say, I believe the library and cafeteria are sufficient enough for my approaches. I did six approaches in total, but unfortunately, none were worth recording.

Needless to say, I discovered my strongpoint in game is focusing on stationery sets, generally within a library or cafeteria for UWM.

I suppose I could do walking sets, but I need to come up with an opener that causes the girl to stop, pay attention to me, and then attempt to insta-date or number close her.

For now, however, I’m stickin’ to my guns at UWM.

02/17/20 – The Beauty of Shit Tests

On Monday, 02/17/20, I ventured out to University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and did four solid approaches. As in, we had a friendly chat at the bare minimum. However, only one set was worth recording. She was a quiet French girl that I’ll be writing about on this field report:

Approach #1: I met this French girl completely by accident. I’d wager she’s a hard HB 6 – soft HB 7, sports glasses, tall, blonde and an adorable demeanor. She’s a literary nerd who loves to read and highly introverted from what I gained from her.

We both were next to a salting machine and about to get sprayed with a face full of it. At face value, the set seemed to do very well. It wasn’t top-notch at first, but as time went on, I believed I passed enough shit tests to get a solid enough number.

However, we’ll see if that’s the case.

02/16/20 – Trouble With Street Approaches

On Sunday, 02/16/20, I traveled to Bayshore Mall and decided to do five approaches. Sadly, all of them were direct friendly openers and didn’t last longer than a few seconds. I need to consult JP regarding how I can make girls stop and get into set that way. My theory is that a direct friendly opener isn’t good or alternatively, the technical aspect of my game is lacking sorely.

There are no audio field reports worth mentioning.

Date #1: Nerdy Belgian Girl – A Bit Too Rapid Escalation

On 02/15/2020, Saturday, I met up with the nerdy Belgian girl from Marquette University. She arrived at Fairgrounds Coffee and Tea a minute or so before I did. Of course, I intentionally showed up late to display non-neediness and the fact I’m a cool guy with lots of options.

However, there was one issue: The cafe was filled to the brim with patrons.

Consequently, our conversation was mostly platonic with premise/evaluation lines tossed in between. Even Nicole – the Belgian girl – stated she wanted to express herself, but felt restricted due to the heavy social atmosphere of the cafe.

An hour or so into the date, I began to feel socially drained. My game, energy and overall enthusiasm began to drop. With nothing left to lose, I pulled the trigger by stating we should leave the venue and go for a quick walk. As we stepped outside, I did minor kino by locking our arms together – only to hold her hand a moment later.

She didn’t resist and responded positively to my advances.

“Coincidentally” – and I say this because I intentionally chose a day game venue close to my apartment – we walked past my apartment and I pretended to check for my keys. I said I had to grab something and since we’re both here, minus well she tag along. She obliged and we both went upstairs to my room.

In my apartment, my game should have skyrocketed due to the fact it’s only the girl and me; and while it wasn’t bad, it was moreso ‘acceptable’ instead of ‘good’ or ‘great’. It was playful though. We chatted for a bit and I recall she said she had an ‘experience’ with other people before.

It was ‘big bait’, as Roosh calls it, and I had to find out more.

While she said she wasn’t comfortable talking about it, I was curious and didn’t bother drawing out further details. Eventually, for reasons I don’t know, she capitulated and told me a beta orbiter of hers became aggressive without “going through all the steps of getting someone to like you”. We all know what that means. If it’s as terrible as she paints it out to be, that’s anyone’s guess.

I ran some comfort game. She didn’t cry but was obviously distraught at the prospect of being alone at some dude’s apartment due to past experiences.

After a few minutes, she began to settle down. She was calm, her head against my shoulder with my arm wrapped around her. As if I played an actor in a movie, I lifted her chin up and kissed her. She responded by kissing me back and we made out passionately.

I pushed her onto the bed, spread her legs open, and resumed making out. I knew I had to escalate somehow and was calibrated enough not to go for the kill immediately. If I wanted to bang this girl, I had to play it slow.

Therefore, I stepped into the bed, set my head on a pillow with her above me.

As we resumed making out, I escalated in a series of steps: Lips -> Neck -> Chest -> Breast -> She takes off her top -> I kiss down her belly, going for her jean button -> Try taking them off -> Boom.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to complete the sequence.

I managed to take her top off, but she gave a soft whimper when I went for her jeans. I took it as a sign to back off, continue escalating properly, and pray for the best. Meanwhile, I was in nothing except my boxer briefs.

She was deeply aroused, judging by her heavy breathing, hard nipples, and the fact her chest was red. It gave the appearance my girl had hives.

… But damn, she just wouldn’t budge. I mean, I’m not worried. It was the first date. Hell, I’m surprised I was able to escalate as far as I did.

We stopped about 20-30 minutes in. She sat up, quiet for a few minutes, while I wrapped her arm around her. She said she had to go, but will text me later.

I shrugged it off, went to my computer, and began writing this field report.

Update: She text me back a day later. She initially assumed I wanted a casual relationship and said she wasn’t into that. However, I BS’d my text by saying I want something long-term. She was pleasantly surprised and is down to go for a second date.

02/14/20 – The Psychology of Fear

Alright, so I did four approaches on Valentine’s Day at Mayfair Mall. However, they didn’t go anywhere particularly special – but that’s not the big issue. I’m going on a date with the nerdy Belgian girl on Saturday, 02/15/20, and I could feel the fear of fucking the date up rise within me.

Consequently, my sets today weren’t up to par. While I know what the correct mindset should be, I didn’t internalize it, and therefore my game was sub-par today.

… But it’s not over. Not yet.

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I’d be a fool to not go out and take advantage of any single women available at the bar. In the meantime, I need to gather my strength, defeat this negative attitude, and truly – as JP would say – believe I’m cool and meet girls to see if THEY are too.

02/12/20 – The Psychology Student

On Wednesday, 02/12/20, I did four approaches at UWM since I slept only four hours the night before. Which reminds me – I really need to cut down playing City of Heroes and spend a bit more focus on learning game as a skillset, but I digress.

Out of all four approaches, only one was worth recording:

Approach #1: At UWM’s library I ran into a psychology major. She was relaxed, somewhat invested in the conversation, but I feel there are a few spikes I could have utilized in the set to make my interaction with her worth her while.

Strengths: Relaxed, cocky-funny frame throughout set. Easy going. Ready for shit tests at a dimes drop mentally

Weaknesses: Didn’t number close. Should have done advanced technique where I leave the set to keep girl wondering.

JP Call #4: Questions and Notes


  1. What’s the best way to hide my side chicks from my main girl? Answer: Don’t put it in her face. Don’t mention it. However, your girl may start to notice, but never mention it.


  1. Go slow with Nicole. Don’t rush having sex.
  2. 6s and 7s = comfort game; 8s, 9s, 10s = value game.
  3. Mission #1: Focus on a girl’s blueprint. If a girl is nerdy, go for comfort game. If hot, go for value game.
  4. Mission #2: Focus on statements of empathy.


02/11/20 – The Mechanical Engineer

On Tuesday, 02/11/20, I ran into a hard HB 6 Belgian mechanical engineering student at Marquette University. I technically did four approaches in total, however, only one was worth recording. She was sitting by herself, sporting a hot pink backpack and purple sweater. Adorable demeanor.

We had a great interaction and I tried my hardest to search for shit tests as instructed by JP in our last phone call. She was very receptive and we had friendly banter. In the end, I got her phone number and plan to follow up this afternoon.

Strengths: Didn’t take myself seriously. Had a very playful vibe. I’m positive I passed a few shit tests.

Weaknesses: I’m not sure… I’d show JP this one, but it’s a bit long.