In-Field Report (02/03/18): Kress Nightclub


This will be a very brief report as it wasn’t too eventful.

In any other case, I reunited with two people – Miguel and Rebeckah – old classmates from Carpe Diem. I talked with Rebeckah and got her number (for a later bang). I wouldn’t personally call her attractive, a 6.5 at most, sporting freckles, red hair, and pale skin. A ginger.

Miguel, on the other hand, I didn’t care for.

It was nice seeing him again, but I didn’t know him too well.


  • Got Rebeckah’s number. I’m debating if I should text her or not.
  • Played it casual. I discovered when I’m not proactive or setting a goal to get at least one number, I usually accomplish more.


  • Didn’t approach enough. To be honest, I should have approached alot more.
  • Couldn’t carry on an interesting conversation with Rebeckah for long. I need to remember Models by Mark Manson. Be genuinely interested in her, find something in common and focus on that.

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