In-Field Report (02/10/18): Yuma Palms Regional Center

Verdict: A learning experience.

I didn’t get any numbers, but I learned three valuable lessons during my first day game:

a.) There’s a massive difference between game theory and actual game in-field. I thought I was prepared, but in actuality, I wasn’t.

b.) Don’t be super proactive. I learned this the first time I hit Kress Nightclub: The more proactive and goal oriented I am, the worse my results will be. Today’s day game reaffirmed that.

I discovered the best way to game is to remain calm. Yes, have an agenda, but don’t try too hard to persue it. Let it flow naturally. Do not overprepare. Do not obsessively think about game. Be natural.

c.) Who the fuck cares what these bitches think? In the back of my mind, I was anxious about approaching – especially during the first half dozen cold approaches. It wasn’t until I asked myself, “Why do I give a fuck what these bitches think?” the correct alpha mindset kicked in.

Remember these three points for game on Sunday at downtown Yuma.

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