Shit Is About To Go Down

Holy fuck, this is going to be a memorable journey for sure.

So, I was reading Models by Mark Manson and he stated I must be direct, honest, and most importantly, vulnerable with my advances. What does that mean exactly? That means I should walk up to a woman, having low investment in her, and tell her the truth: “Hey, what’s your name? You’re beautiful and I wanted to meet you.”

There is no acting.

There is no preperation.

This is balls to the wall, I look and immediately approach, spewing my true feelings without hesitation.

To achieve non-neediness and not care if she becomes Responsive or Non-Responsive.

Real shit.

I will apply Mark’s advice from now on.

Shit is about to go down.

PS: This is on page 79 of Models. Read it. Love it. Learn it.

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