What’s The Worst That Can Happen?

Your ability to deal with the failure will determine how much you get to deal with success.” – Dan Kennedy


We’ve all been through it along with the baggage it brings: It’s painful, embarrassing, and leaves you vulnerable. Oftentimes, men imagine the worst possible scenario imaginable like some girl screaming, “Ew! Fuck off, creep!” or “NO! GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!”, while dozens of bystanders stare in awe, shaking their heads in disbelief.

Yeah, I feel you.

Lately, especially while cold approaching during day game, these thoughts flood my mind.

But seriously?

What’s really the worst that can happen?

Yes, harsh rejections will occur every once in a while, but from many men’s experiences, it’s surprising how many women will respond with attraction to nothing other than a man who is bold and willing to stick his neck out.

A lot of men (myself included) assume that directly approaching a woman, telling my truth to her, will invite a mountain of rejections onto them. The surprising thing is this is rarely the case. If you’re bold and downright blunt¬†about your intentions (ie. you’re cute and I wanted to meet you), she will respect that.

Ironically, most of the harshest rejections come from being needy, over-investing, and performing for a woman.

So next time, when you’re patrolling the mall, club, or any popular social outlet, remember to invest very little in women. Like Roosh V and many others within the PUA community state: It’s a numbers game. Move on, accept rejection as a positive thing (Hey, you two were incompatible anyway. Saves you the time and effort to try and win her over), and immediately scope your next target.

Happy hunting, gentlemen.

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