I Found A Demographic Which Suites Me

Unfortunately, the job in New Jersey didn’t pan out as expected. However, I discovered something incredibly important during my travel back to Yuma, AZ.

I decided to stay at a Ramada Inn in Scottsdale, AZ. During this time, I was given the opportunity to bar hop in Scottsdale or Tempe; both are renown for their impressive club scenes, but each consisting of a very different demographic in mind:

  • Tempe caters to the high energy, college crowd. You know the type: Raver or college girls who can’t hold a conversation for very long, but given the right energy and attitude, you can go far with these women, especially if you can dance. Easier, but you NEED to exude fun loving (but exhausting) energy to succeed.
  • Scottsdale caters to young, professional women in their late 20s or 30s. Yeah, they like guys who are interesting and who can hold their attention, but the energy required to expend on them isn’t nearly as much as Tempe girls.  They are, alternatively, much more conversation based and while dancing is important, it doesn’t appear to have as much a foothold compared to college types.

For gentlemen who prefer the slower crowd and have intermediate or advanced level of game, you can do quite well with these type of women.

As you may have guessed, I discovered I had much better attraction and feminine attention in Scottsdale. Granted, I visited Scottsdale bars and clubs during the first half of my night out and therefore hadn’t wasted any mental energy socializing, but from what I’ve seen, going solo in so-called “Snobsdale” worked wonders for me.

I met a marketer (let’s call her Eva) from NYC who I really connected with. Eva is a pale, Irish descendant woman (mid-30s, but by God she looked like she was in her late 20s) who flew into Scottsdale adjoined by two co-workers to impress a client interested in buying some sort of product. I’d personally rate her an 8.6/10. She laughed at all my jokes, including any negging I did, leaned in to any touching on her shoulder and arms, and even when Eva’s friends left her – she decided to stay and chat it up with me. Unfortunately, her friends forcefully pulled her aside and left after an hour of returning. This taught me two valuable lessons:

1.) Escalate faster.

2.) Befriend her co-workers (which reminds me how absolutely vital social circle game is).

After Eva left, I was able to hold at least three other minor conversations with women in the area. Not important, but notable approaches that went past “Hi”.

And with that, I’m adding “young professional women” as a demographic I can connect with.

I guess I’m growing too old for the young, dumb college girls! Unless, perhaps, the venue is quieter.

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