7 Essential Inner Game Beliefs

While listening to Roosh’s updated 2018 version called ‘Game’, he mentions the most important aspect of getting women isn’t logistics or motivation or living in a city with lots of girls, but rather inner game. It isn’t something I can see or touch. It’s an invisible force embedded in my mind that controls me every second of the day. It’s my belief system.

My goal is to attain mastery over my belief system and utilize it to accomplish my personal goals.

In order to do this, Roosh strongly suggests I have a daily or weekly affirmation session in which I repeat each belief to myself between 5-10 times, preferably out loud.

The following 7 beliefs are essential to being good with women, one that I have the opportunity to repeat to myself daily:

1.) I don’t care if I get laid with her, but I do care about getting laid: This one is simple. Don’t show interest in a girl over the interests of myself. Never, ever put pussy on a pedestal. I must not care about the success with any individual girl (even if I think she’s the hottest fucking thing in the world!), but instead care strongly about getting laid in general. I want to be the guy in the bar who wants to get laid more than any other man, but absolutely does not care if my top choice rejects me.

2.) A girl primarily evaluates my value based on how I treat her: Even after I maximize my physical attractiveness, what really determines my value to a girl is how I present myself to them. Which is something I can control unlike my height or facial structure. Women do not want to be with a man she thinks possesses lower value than her. She’s hardwired to date a man with higher value.

One thing Roosh notes, is that women look for shortcuts to judge value.

I can accomplish this by having social proof, where other women are giving me attention or being interesting or funny, but a far more important shortcut is by how I treat a woman.

If I don’t treat a woman well, it’s because she knows my value is much higher than hers. I treat her poorly because I believe she’s beneath me, therefore a man will be more attracted to a man who doesn’t constantly give her attention.

So no compliments (unless I really, and I mean really mean it.), no buying drinks or doing anything unless she impresses me first.

What does Roosh do? Walk up to a girl with your body erect and show her her beauty doesn’t have an effect on me, while throwing in a joke that girls usually buy me drinks, she may at least judge my worth at least equal to hers.

Even if my worth objectively isn’t higher than hers, act like it is. How will she know otherwise?

Remember Adam, you are above all others. You’ve known this for a long time.

3.) Every time I fail, I take one big step toward success: Failure is my teacher. With every failure, I can learn and adapt to what I did wrong and how I can correct it. It makes me stronger and increases the chances I’ll succeed in the future.

Let’s say I get rejected by a girl in an embarrassing way. Automatically, I’ll feel bad by drowning in a sea of negative thoughts. She thinks I’m a loser. I’m so ugly she doesn’t want to have anything to do with me. She thinks I’m scum of the Earth. Even if these thoughts were accurate a universal fact is that it takes an unknown amount of failures to achieve a single success. Statistically, being rejected actually makes success much more likely as long as I keep going.

Once I realized I learned something new from a failed approach, I can clearly see rejection and failure are absolutely necessary to succeed.

With rejection, I can learn what works for me and what doesn’t, while shedding the fear of rejection humans are born with.

The best strategy is to embrace rejection as an essential step on the road to success.

If I don’t accept this, I will not succeed with women.

Rejection is a barrier to separate the men who truly want to succeed and the ones who don’t.

Only adversity and rejection can strengthen a man, not success or comfort.

When I get rejected enough times, I begin to build a dataset of what works and what doesn’t to my unique personality, vibe, and environment.

If I’m failing soon after my approach, I know I’ll have to adjust my look, opener, or the type of girl I’m approaching. If I get alot of phone numbers, but girls aren’t responding to my first message, I know I have to strengthen the connection I make when first meeting them. If I’m getting girls back to my apartment, but they won’t sleep with me, I know I have to raise a girl’s level of comfort and trust at the key moment of intimacy.

Even if I can’t find a specific thing to learn from rejection, the fact that I did get rejected desensitizes me from future rejections. Strengthening my mental core. Paradoxically, rejection builds my confidence.



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