A list of PUA affirmations for men

Repeat this before going out or at any time of the day:

I radiate love to everyone around me
I exude charisma because I maintain a positive lighthearted, loving energy at all times
There is no competition
I feel fucking amazing
Life is short and I am taking full advantage of it
Anytime I think a negative thought I replace it with a positive one.
Women love me
I am an incredible person
Women melt inside when I smile at them
I am improving each and every day
I am not afraid to get sexual because sexuality is beautiful
I am always leading the conversation and interaction
I radiate masculine power
Women crave a man like me on every level
All Women are in love with me, they just don’t know it yet
When I speak to anyone, an abundance of love is flowing out of me and they can feel it
People can feel it when I walk into a room
I am always in state because nothing matters
I love women and women love me
My body language is perfect
My eye contact is perfect
Practice makes perfect
I am learning and growing every day
I exude divine masculine presence
Women love it when I touch them
I am comfortable in any environment because wherever I go is my home
I never hide my attraction with a woman
I love the feminine sexual essence of a woman
When I fail, I automatically get better.
Failure is nothing to be afraid of.
I am what I think about so I choose to think about positive things.
If I have a negative thought, I immediately replace it with 5 positive ones.
I feel good, calm and relaxed at all times
I am getting more and more confident every single day
I am building the life that I want
Beautiful women love sex
I am always turning women on without realizing it
Whatever I think, I become
I use my imagination to manifest what I want in life
I am good enough because I am perfect
I am comfortable around all women
Believing in myself is the secret to my success
I am a god among men
I am always having fun with beautiful women

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