02/02/19 approaches… a lesson in speaking slowly.

Evening gentlemen,

I’m still in the field, as we speak, and I’m currently standing at 4 approaches (with one phone number!). I’m planning to head into the night trenches at Kress Nightclub later on tonight, but I wanted to note a lesson in speaking slowly.

When I started my first approach today, I spoke in a rushed, nervous tone and blanked out a few times due to my nervousness. After noting my failure at a date or number, I walked back into my car, wondering why I my success ratio was relatively low. That’s when I discovered a natural, direct style PUA named James Marshall.

He’s an introverted seduction instructor who, after watching a few of his YouTube videos, speaks in a low-energy, calm tone. He doesn’t do anything special. He’s simply himself.

As a low-energy, direct game pick-up acolyte myself, I decided to do some meditation. I subconsciously told myself that rejection is apart of the cycle, to embrace it, that women want to be approached because they want to be told they’re beautiful and attractive, and finally, to speak in a slow, methodical tone. Why? Because it indirectly tells my body to slow down, which decreases tension and anxiety of cold approaching.

This was a successful lesson I learned during day game, which net me a single phone number out of one of my cold approaches today.

Let’s see if speaking slowly and methodically has a chance during night game.

EDIT: Never go direct at nightclubs ever again. Day game is a far more natural way of meeting women. Therefore, direct game is a perfect fit. Night game is WWII all over again. No wonder they’re called the “night trenches”.

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