02/03/19… A power up I never knew I had within me.

The weirdest, yet most alpha shit just happened to me today.

I was day gaming at my local mall, I wasn’t feeling too good after 3 rejections, and as I was heading back to my car I remembered what Mark Manson said about checking your intentions. I briefly paused, reflected on why I was day gaming, and then all of a sudden, an intense, I guess you could say “hyperfocus” came over me. No negative thoughts came into my mind and I had a singular goal: Get laid.

I sarged through my local Target and approached this 21 y/o blonde girl, about 8 on the attractive scale, and while focusing on my intentions, said she was beautiful and I wanted to meet her. She smiled at me and said “I wish more guys said that,” and we started chatting. After telling me she was married, I said my goodbyes and left.


She saw me again on an aisle and yelled out my name and stopped me. She asked if I had an XBox account and said we should game together. I was a bit confused and said no. She seemed wary of giving her number out due to her married status, but settled on giving me her Snapchat instead.

I know this may sound assholeish, but I asked if she wanted to go out next week at the local nightclub. She said she had plans and said if we were going out, it has to be spontaneous. Clearly, we have a bored housewife on our hands.

Anyway, point of the story: I would have never gotten this opportunity if I hadn’t checked my intentions. I was bold, non-needy, and incredibly focused on getting laid. Like what James Marshall said, “Once you focus on your intentions, your game skills increase exponentially.”

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