The most important lesson: Focus on your intentions.

The modern man’s Holy Bible

“When in doubt, focus on your intentions.” – Mark Manson, Models.

Whatever I said in the past, whether it be about speaking slowly, various techniques to attract women, etc. Nothing beats this one vital aspect that changed my game life forever: My intentions. Today was a revolutionary experience that I personally believe, changed me from a beta to an alpha.

I posted what occurred in another post, but the second I stopped thinking about the perfect direct opener, deciding if I was in the optimal location to approach or not, and focused solely on my intentions. Something happened… I felt an intense, driving force within me scream to get laid. That’s what I was there for, right?!

I didn’t worry about saying the right words, reminding myself to speak in a low, deep tone or “from my chest”. They all came naturally. I felt superhuman.

Whenever I go out, whether for day or night game, I will focus totally and honestly on my intentions. No self-reminders. No nothing. Just remember why you’re gaming: To get laid. At all costs.

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