02/05/19… a few lessons in being calm.

Today, I did three approaches. I managed to get a number from a cute, petite Latina girl who I managed to cross paths with. She laughed at all my jokes and appeared incredibly receptive to my advances. Either that, or she’s totally surprised some dude approached her.

In any other case, when I approach while focusing on my intentions, I feel super tense. Like, I have to be that alpha bulldog on edge 24/7. I found myself getting more nervous when I did that. What truly helped was when I was calm, relaxed, and my mind blank. I felt like a feather in the wind, looking for women to land on.

The lesson I learned was simple: Be calm, clear your mind, but always remember your intentions to meet women, namely, to get laid. It requires far less energy and loosens my body so I’m not tense. I’m normal. Natural.

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