02/11/19… you become who you believe yourself to be.

An alpha male in his natural habitat.

I’ve heard this many times in the past, especially in the PUA community, and that is to “fake it until you make it”. This is actually an old lesson I learned last year, but I’m revitalizing the concept as I believe it’s incredibly important for beginners (myself included). Essentially, what “fake it until you make it” truly means is a mindset change.

Let’s say, for example, you want to become an alpha male. What would an alpha male do? More specifically, what would an alpha male version of yourself do? Well… an alpha version me would stand upright, carry himself with an air of superiority, and consequently, would speak to women he’s attracted to in a direct, sexual manner. Not creepy, mind you, but rather “you’re mine”.

I have adapted this mindset in the past, and it’s worked wonders. I had women agree to go to dates with me (without flaking), but due to logistics or poor planning, I couldn’t have made it work in my favor.

This time, however, I will.

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