02/19/2019 Infield Report

Evening gentlemen,

Today I went back to AWC, the community college I haunt in Yuma, AZ and did 4 approaches in total. First, let me begin, going to AWC in the late morning hours up to early afternoon is a goldmine. There was far more hotties there than anywhere else I’ve been thus far. I was infield approximately 1 hour, 30 minutes and did an approach every 15 mins or less. I had two good interactions which net me a phone number and an Instagram connection. Let’s get to them, shall we?

Approach #1: My first approach was with this white girl, 19 y/o, and a lover of lizards and snakes. Our interaction was great. We talked back and forth, she laughed at a few of my jokes, and it took approximately 5-10 minutes for her to start asking questions. She told me she had a boyfriend, but at the end, she added me on Instagram.

Approach #2: A really quiet, shy cute Latina girl. I approached her, full of confidence, but she just wouldn’t open up. She smiled meekly at all my jokes and said she was going to school for digital arts. She didn’t ask any personal questions. I guess some women take time to open up… which reminds me that I should’ve stayed in set longer.

Approach #3: Another Latina girl, more beautiful this time around. This interaction was very short, as she was going to meet up with her friend. She thanked me and said bye.

Approach #4: The final girl was a cute Latina girl. Very open and positive, which was a nice change of pace to the quiet, shy ones. She was going to college to become a Meterologist, has a love of tornadoes, and started asking personal questions about a minute in the conversation. We connected quite easily and at the end, she gave me her phone number which I haven’t texted.

Overall verdict: A decent day – what will determine if this is simply a decent day that transforms to a good day is if I land a date with #4.

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