The Game Begins

My new playground.

The time has come for me to rise from Yuma, AZ and begin my career as a QA Automation Engineer in Milwaukee, WI.

I have been waiting years for this.

Not only will I make a decent income, but I can truly begin game as I’ve always meant to in Yuma, AZ. There are NO more distractions. No more pussy-footing around and avoiding game to pursue a career in tech. There is nothing else besides the game now.

I fucking live for game. It is my obsession and my new goal in life.

To follow the footsteps of Roosh V and bang as many sluts as I possibly can.

First and foremost, let’s prepare.

As I’ve stated to myself before, I will do the “4×5” rule. Go out Friday, Saturday, Monday and Wednesday and do at a bare minimum 5 day game approaches. This does not include night game.

For night game, I have linked various posts for me to learn and take notes on regarding Milwaukee’s data sheet.

Milwaukee data sheets:

Madison, WI:

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