Field Report: Mayfair Mall – 11/16/19

Today wasn’t a bad day. I completed 4 sets, most of them casual and between strangers, with one set being man-to-woman. However, Mayfair Mall is filled with groups, older people, and overall wasn’t a good venue for day game. I’ll have to avoid Mayfair Mall for greener pastures next time I go out. Anyway, let’s go through my approaches.

Approach #1: I ran into an Asian American girl with short black hair and large glasses. She was cute, but not really my type. I approached anyway. I said she had good looking glasses (very indirect) amd asked where she got them. However, since I haven’t gamed in a while, it was a terrible set that lasted 3 seconds; but I personally consider it a win since I actually DID approach.

Approach #2: I found a white girl texting on her phone. Her back was pressed against the wall. She was well dressed and stylish. I walked up to her and complimented how she did her hair and apparel in general. She responded by stating she was waiting for her parents inside a store.

Other than that, she seemed slightly interested but responded in short sentences or words like “ok”, “mhm”.

I approached confidently with a direct-indirect opener. My voice was shaky, but I did MUCH better than last time.

Approach #3: While prowling the mall, I ran into an older woman with an amazing hat. I complimented her hat and asked where she got it. She turned around and said she bought it last year from one of the mall vendors. Unfortunately, she was in a rush and the set abruptly ended.

Approach #4: My final set was a Verizon employee I ran into on multiple occasions while on the prowl. We’d always wave hi to each other, but I didn’t have the guts to approach. Before I left, however, I swallowed my pride and introduced myself.

She was Latina, friendly, but nothing of importance came from the conversation. It felt like a friendly chat between two strangers.

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