Tomorrow, the hunt begins.

Tomorrow, on 11/16/2019 or Saturday, I officially begin my hunt at Mayfair Mall. I will remind myself to not quit nor find excuses for not gaming. I will re-focus my energy on performing game 4 days out of the week after work or during weekends.

Most importantly, I will treat game akin to when I learned to code – an activity to master even if I don’t feel like doing it.

On Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday I will prowl the malls, night clubs and colleges to hunt.

Godspeed gentlemen.


I will keep things simple:
1. Go for observational/direct-indirect approach
2. Chat and eventually make it man-to-woman during the conversation by saying WIP
3. Ask for her number or go for insta-date
4. After talking a bit, leave the set.

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