11/18/19 – Marquette University

I went sarging at Marquette University after work. What are my first impressions? It’s a great day game location. It’s a target-rich environment filled with attractive women I could easily approach on the street. Unfortunately, since it’s cold outside I’m unable to do so without freezing my balls off.

There IS a downside though. While I wasn’t able to nail my full 5 approaches tonight, I was able to do 4. Why? Most of the sets stayed in groups or were within earshot of other people. I know I shouldn’t care what other people think, buuuuuut… I need to work on it.

I also learned something interesting today: After doing a direct approach, I get really excited and my next few approaches go relatively well and I get confident. I need to remember that for future sets. Anyway, let’s get to the approaches.

Approach #1: My first approach was right when I stepped into the Computer Science building at Marquette. I met a Germanic looking girl, 18, very cute, but due to the amount of people around I went with an indirect approach. Sadly, I didn’t make it Man-to-Woman and the conversation lasted about 5 minutes.

Approach #2: In the same building I met a teacher. Late 20s. White. Relatively attractive. Once again, due to the number of people present, I did an indirect approach by asking if she was coding on her computer. She said no and I tried steering the conversation toward a Man-to-Woman topic. It didn’t happen. Next time, however, if I run another encounter like this, I’ll scoot in close to take a look so I can break the barrier between myself and the girl.

Approach #3: A big fuckin’ yes! I met a young, brown-haired German girl who was working on her laptop. I pretended to turn on a nearby computer before doing my approach. When I turned toward her, I said she was cute and I wanted to meet her. She smiled and said she had a boyfriend. However, she stated I had alot of courage to ask her. Now THAT felt good. We spoke a little bit before I parted ways.

Approach #4: Another direct approach. This time it was toward this – what I assume was a teacher – woman coming down a set of stairs. She looked like she was in a hurry, a bit upset even. When I said I wanted to meet her because she was cute, she smirked, walked off, and said no thank you. Whatever.

Today, I learned I need to focus on direct game. Get some results before I switch toward more indirect and cocky funny approaches.

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