11/20/19 – University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Today’s approaches can easily be described as “just do it”. I wasn’t feeling in the mood, I was stuck in my head most of the time, but inevitably, after being out in the field for 4 hours, I was able to muster up 4 approaches. 3 were indirect, 1 direct.

Before I get to the approaches, what is my opinion on the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee? Just like Marquette, it’s a great day game location. It’s filled with attractive college girls of all ages, but most sets were with sets or within earshot of other people. However, unlike Marquette, the sheer size of the University allows more opportunity to approach solo sets.

Anyway, let’s get to the report.

Approach #1: I went into the psychology building and after sarging for a while, saw a girl I wasn’t too sure was attractive or not since her head was down, focused on her laptop. I hesitated to go direct due to this uncertainty. Once I approached indirectly asking for directions, I discovered she WAS attractive. Next time, I won’t hesitate.

Approach #2: After moping around for a while, stuck in my head and avoiding group scenarios, I ran into a white girl looking bored as all get out on a register. Sadly, my set did not become Man-to-Woman and it ended up being a platonic, indirect approach.

Approach #3: I finally had the courage to go direct after kicking myself in the ass for nearly an hour! This was mainly due to sheer agitation of NOT approaching. After stepping through the college campus cafeteria, I ran into a girl who clearly did not expect me. She looked up, surprised, and I stated she was cute. She awkwardly smiled and thanked me. In return, I took the burden of conversation and began speaking casually to her.

Despite the fact this set didn’t lead anywhere, I was able to actually approach and felt better about myself.

Approach #4: My favorite approach. When walking out of the cafeteria, I met this 18-year-old white girl. At first, I approached indirectly. I asked if she knew where the Admissions building was. She had a positive personality and after chatting for a bit, I paused momentarily, and then made the set Man-to-Woman by stating she was kind of cute. She returned the pause and said, “So… you weren’t looking for the Admissions office.” We both chuckled and stated that I really was! She took it with stride.

The entire conversation afterward was heavily flirty, so that was a big win! I asked for her number again, but she said no.

Despite the setbacks and the fact she realized I was gaming her, the set went great.

NOTE: Next time I go out, focus on more direct approaches until I feel comfortable simply telling a girl I’m into her.

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