Is Night Game Even Worth It Anymore?

Last night I decided to night game at SITE 1A. The music was great, but the vibes I got from the club, in my opinion, was lackluster… and due to the fact the club was filled with dudes. But then again, I didn’t have the high-energy game that I expected to have either. Which brings up the question: Is night game even worth it for me any more?

As I get into my late 20s, I feel the energy I once had for night game begin to drain. Perhaps, as a strategy, I go to different, lower-energy night venues or a club I can vibe in.

In any other case, I did two approaches last night and both didn’t go anywhere. I attribute this to my approach anxiety combined with the vibes/mindset I had with myself and the venue.

Therefore, I believe it’s imperative for me to focus on day game on Friday coupled with night game. I will make adjustments to my schedule once I find an adequate day game venue in Milwaukee.

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