11/23/19 – Southwest Mall and Victor’s

Ho boy, this is going to be a loooong field report. On Saturday, 11/23/19 I was able to secure approximately 6 approaches. 5 from Victor’s and 1 from the Mall. To begin, I believe Mall game is very, very hit and miss and I may avoid them in the near future for more target-rich venues (ie. Colleges, markets, streets, etc). On the other hand, Victor’s – despite it’s (or maybe because of) reputation as ‘Victim’s’ – has become my main night game venue. The staff are great, the targets are plenty, and overall, it’s my favorite bar/club. I may try Jo-Cats Pub next Friday. I hear it has a similar reputation.

I will break up this field report into two categories, day game and night game. Lots of lessons were learned at night, with a few good points during the day.

Let’s begin.

Daygame – Southwest Mall

Approach #1: I spent literally 4 hours wandering the Mall and within that time I was able to secure only a single approach. The woman I ran into was in a rush and when I stopped her, stated she was cute and I wanted to meet her, she simply said thanks in a rushed tone and quickly moved on. I’m not sure if it was a technical issue, my mindset, or the fact she was rushed that caused this interaction to end abruptly. But there’s one thing for sure…

I need to end my approach anxiety.

Pros: I mean, at least I was able to stop the woman by forcing myself to do the approach. It couldn’t be helped she was in a rush. Just tells me I need to tailor my approaches to what the woman is currently doing, how she appears, etc.

Cons: With the approach itself? None. I consider it a win I actually approached during the day time. However, my approach anxiety has caused me plenty of regret day gaming in Milwaukee. I mean, come the fuck on! What’s the worst that can happen? I need to listen to James Marshall’s advice and just do fuckin’ approaches.

Nightgame – Victor’s

Approach #1: Before I begin, I told myself due to the fact I approached 1 woman during my day game sets, I was going to finish my approaches during night game. My first set is actually my favorite one. I met a middle aged woman, brunette, very tall and attractive, who appeared to be in her late 20s. Let’s call her Debra. Anyway, Debra came with her mom to Victor’s. So I knew this set was going to be tough from the start.

I opened her indirectly by stating if she comes here often. She said no and said she hasn’t been to a club in about a year. We talked about the venue, what we did, etc. At first, Debra was closed off, but as time went on and I started using Todd V’s push-pull method and became “controversial”, she began opening up. Even so much that every time her mother or she did something (ie. Go to the bathroom, dance, etc), she began telling me.

Unfortunately, during the conversation she mentioned she was married. She complained that her husband (who she is married to for less than a year) is a massive sports fanatic. I used this to my advantage by making light off-hand remarks about his sports fanaticism (ie. “Oh, he’s like one of those guys with a shrine dedicated to his favorite team”), which she laughed and agreed on.

Eventually, as the dance floor began filling up, I asked her to dance, she followed me (and that’s when I discovered her enormous height, at least 5’11’’ up to 6’2’’). While we didn’t do any grinding, Debra began taking cues from my movements and I teased her about her low-energy dancing. She laughed and said she didn’t have my energy.

Sadly, all good things come to an end. Remember when I mentioned the mother? Yeah, she thought Debra and I were getting too close and pulled her away from the dance floor. Even though it’s pretty needy, I followed her back to the bar.

We talked a little bit, I said she seemed like a really cool person and I’d love to hang out with her. She told me twice she couldn’t because she was married, but if she was single, she’d love to hang out with me. I nodded and after talking a little more, I ended the set right there.

Pros: The biggest pro for me was executing Open, Premise and even some Evaluation from Todd V’s The System decently and subtly. I had two needy moments during the set, but overall, Debra and I had a pretty good interaction. I’m sure I could have improved in some aspects of my game (ie. Tried grinding with Debra on the dance floor), but as someone who’s been back in The Game for a week, I’m doing amazing.

Cons: I can recall two needy moments during the set. The first is following Debra back to the bar and the second is when her mother called her back I hugged on to her and said we were having fun. She chuckled, but that was incredibly needy on my end. If a girl has to go, just go unless there’s a viable, non-needy way to fix the situation.

One other con I had in set was the fact Debra and I had the 30 minute conversation to nowhere for quite a while until I added push-pull. I need to work on shortening the time-span and move toward Closing a bit more.

Approach #2: After my set with Debra, I ran into this Asian dude. Real fuckin’ cool. High energy college guy who is familiar with game concepts and has experience with day game. Before I get into my second approach, I’ll begin by stating the power of a good wing man is astonishing. Far superior than going out alone. With him, I was able to open groups effortlessly while he chatted with the friends.

Our second approach was with 4, let’s call them “gold-diggers”, looking for guys to buy them drinks. 3 of them were fat, while the 4th one was attractive. I opened the set by stating “you guys look cool” and then introducing myself and my wing. They were friendly for about… a few seconds before they asked if I could buy them a drink. I stood my ground and responded with “why don’t YOU buy me a drink” and “Nah, I don’t buy drinks for girls I don’t know.” I’m fuckin’ proud of myself for that.

It was a relatively uneventful set, but a learning experience.

Pros: First, I was able to approach a group set with my wing. I was additionally capable of standing my ground without caving in and buying the girls drinks. And finally, during the set I pulled a Todd V premise line by stating that everyone seemed fucking cool… except my target, she looked like trouble. I had great delivery and it didn’t come out as ham-fisted or forced. Very natural.

Cons: I need to up my talking game. My wing was able to effortlessly kino and chat up my target’s friends. I had periods of silence during the conversation.

Approach #3: After my wing and I started trolling the club again we came across 3 Asian girls. He knew I had a preference for white girls, but we decided to approach the group set anyway since we were in high energy.

The set was short because it turns out…

My target had a boyfriend!

It was a very brief set with my target simply shaking her head once I asked to get her name. Her boyfriend came in and she leaned her head against his shoulder. Once my wing and I saw another dude came in, we played it off cool and the other dude said not to worry about it and we were off.

Pros: Approached the group set. Due to how short it was, not too many pros.

Cons: My boy is a master of night game. Very high energy and was effortlessly able to kino the target’s friends while I stood there twiddling my thumbs. In a night game situation, I need to remember to possess a higher than average energy level compared to day game.

Approach #4: By this time in the night I was growing a liiiittle tired, but nothing too serious. Not yet. My wing and I came across two girls, a redhead and black-haired girl, and we decided to approach the set. However, I think I came on too strong. Without warning and while the girls were dancing, I said “Hey you guys seem cool!” Before turning toward the redhead, my target, and saying, “What’s your name?” And immediately, my target was completely turned off. She looked at me and said, “I don’t have a name,” before walking off.

Turns out, the two girls went in with their gay friend who was super protective of them. He was drunk as hell, and after my target left I tried weaseling my way in with the gay dude… who after saying hi, tried taking off my belt lol.

We chatted a bit before my wing and I left the set.

Pros: The two girls were hot and my wing and I had no trouble approaching them.

Cons: The approach itself. It felt like a “shotgun approach” in which I came in uncalibrated and only did the approach to get my numbers up. It totally scared my target. After this set, I felt kinda sad that my boy was doing so well and I wasn’t up to par with his high-energy game. I know this is very “beta”, but it’s true and the only way to turn that around is to actually become high-energy during a night environment.

As a result, my final set should have fell right into in my hands, but instead…

Approach #5: It was 1:30AM and I was dead tired.

My final approach was when my wing and I sat back where we originally met each other. Unlike the other sets, the final girl looked up at me, smiled coyly, and stated “I like your teeth they’re really white.” Strange, but at least gives a great signal she’s into me. Now, this is where I fucked up. I got excited, too excited, after dealing with numerous rejections and my game was thrown out the window. I sat next to the girl and discovered she was with another guy. Turns out, it was her brother.

In set, there were numerous chances I could have made a move, but due to my fatigue coupled with my excitement, I ran bad, needy game. The entire interaction lasted 30 minutes, but I didn’t have a plan. I pretty much said whatever came out of my mouth.

Pros: I got approached! How awesome is that?

Cons: I ran bad game due to a mixture of fatigue and getting excited for a girl. I need to remember what Roosh stated about getting excited in set and practice gaming early into the morning.

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