11/25/19 – Marquette University Troubles

Evening gentlemen.

Today I did a single set at Marquette University. It was a blonde-haired white girl sitting alone in the Computer Science building. She was alone and I decided to do the approach. Our interaction was good in my opinion, I used a ton of push-pull techniques, but the girl responded with a simple “Okay…” and didn’t seem too into the conversation.

Pros: I approached the girl with certainty and minimal approach anxiety. I followed James Marshall’s meditation technique of allowing my awareness to flow through my fingers and feet… and somehow, that almost nullified my AA!

This is GREAT since every time I perform this meditation technique, I’ll be able to approach fearlessly.

Cons: I think the biggest con is the fact I only approach girls when they’re isolated inside a building. The reason is that I hate approaching when other people are within earshot. I fear social pressure and I avoid it like the plague. Now, what can I do about it? Easy. While approaching isolated girls in-doors is fine, it’s time-consuming. Hell, even with reduced AA, I was only able to approach a single girl within an hour.

The answer is to do isolated sets on the streets. If I recall correctly, the streets are filled with girls just outside of Marquette University, but I hesitate to approach them due to two reasons:

  1. It’s cold outside and I think the weather could ruin or significantly reduce the interaction.
  2. I don’t want to appear “creepy” since it’s dark and dimly lit.

No matter the case, from here on out I’m going to have to mimic what I did in Yuma, AZ and start doing outdoor sets both in Marquette and the University of Milwaukee.

Note: Due to the fact I only did one set today, I’m going to at least do three tomorrow.

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