12/04/19 – University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

On Wednesday, I decided to do some cold approaching at UWM. However, I discovered the sweet spot to approach is around 7:00PM – 9:00PM due to the fact the student body becomes more scattered and therefore, I can perform successful sets without many (if any) blow-outs.

Approach #1: After walking around a bit, dealing with my AA, I decided to man up and approach a Middle Eastern exchange student. Due to how early it was in the afternoon (ie. 5:30PM), my approach was weak. In a soft voice, I stated she looked great and I wanted to meet her.

In response, she was like “What?” And then stated this was unusual and weird to get approached like she did.

I believe this is due to the fact I didn’t approach as strongly and confidently as I would have liked to.

Approach #2: My second approach is my favorite approach. While I did do some things correct (ie. push-pull lines), the conversation as a whole was relatively platonic. However, I learned lots of things during this set, namely, how to chat up and start making a conversation go from platonic to subtly Man-to-Woman.

My second approach was a Latina from Puerto Rico, I approached her by asking where the Admissions Office was. She told me and after that, we began talking a bit more. I learned a few facts about her, but nothing worthwhile. After a few minutes, I asked for her number to hang out with her. She said she had a boyfriend, but we linked up on Instagram instead.

NOTE: I need to remember women don’t care about logical conversations. They’re emotional beings and therefore, I need to steer the conversation to spike her emotions.

Approach #3: My third approach was short. She was a white girl sporting blonde hair, a yellow top, and an oversized set of blue jeans that went to her belly. I stated she looked like an ’80s girl (great observational opener) and she responded by laughing and saying she performed at a hip-hop show for the college.

She left soon afterward, but the opener was absolutely solid on my end.

Approach #4: I met a Christian girl while walking back to my car. From a distance, she looked attractive, but as I got closer, I realized the truth was far grimmer. Okay, that’s an overstatement, but she was very homely looking.

Not attractive, but not ugly. An HB 5 if you want numbers on it. We talked about religion (once again, more “logical conversations”), but I personally didn’t have the desire to escalate to a number.

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