Frank Cotton is my Spirit Animal

What American women want.

After last night’s notch, I’ve come to realize American women don’t want a soft, beta male who would care and provide for them. They’d prefer a sexually aggressive alpha who doesn’t care about their dreams, wants or desires. It reminds me of the character Frank Cotton from the Hellraiser (or for you literary nerds out there, the Hellbound Heart) franchise.

If you’re not familiar with the character, Frank Cotton was a selfish, hedonistic individual who had an affair with his sister in law Julia. After searching the world for greater forms of pleasure and living a life of promiscuity and sensual gluttony. He treated women more like objects than an actual human being, but most importantly, he was honest with his intentions.

Yes, he would promise something to the women if it meant she’d sleep with him. But overall, throughout the interaction, he was sexually aggressive and took what he wanted.

It’s a shame American women unconsciously idolize the Frank Cotton archetype. Even with my notch on 12/7/19, I became aroused when she briefly kissed up and down my body. The beta Adam within me wanted to rise up, but then I realized, just in time, American women are turned off by the notion of a caring male.

And that’s why, as long as I remain in the United States, I’ll become and mimic the actions of Frank Cotton.

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