Types of Openers/Interactions to Take Depending on My Game Situation (WIP)

As someone who does both day game and night game in Milwaukee, I discovered certain attributes of the women here dependant on venue, whether I’m approaching them during the day or night, or even if the girl is a walking set or sitting one.

First and foremost, direct game that I ran in Yuma, AZ doesn’t work in Milwaukee. If I say I’m interested in a girl because she’s cute – whether in a day or night setting – the girl will simply brush me off, say she has a boyfriend, or otherwise.

Therefore, I’ll write a list of what HAS worked or what I theorize will work depending on the setting:

Night Game (in general): I’ve secured two notches the past month I’ve lived in Milwaukee. The notch at Taylor’s was secured via high-energy, subtle direct game where I felt like I was hanging with a group of friends while physically escalating on my target. However, I did NOT verbally express my true intentions during set (ie. “Oh you’re cute and I wanted to say hi”); moreso, it was “subtle direct” (ie. taking her hand to dance or “Come on, let’s dance!”)

Meanwhile, my notch at Victor’s was mainly indirect (ie. “Oh you should come check out my apartment. It’s pretty cool.”)

Day Game (college/walking set): My targets here are mainly 18-24 year old college students. When I did walking sets at the two colleges I sarge though, I mainly go direct. What do I get in response?

The girl would give me the following lines: “Oh thanks”, “That’s nice”, “Ooookay…?”, “No thanks”, before subsequently walking away.

Solution: While I’ve had a more favorable response going direct at supermarkets with walking sets, college girls don’t favor being opened directly while walking.

How can I fix that? This is definitely a work in progress, but one thing I can do is make an observational opener on her clothes. I will have to do more research before I answer this question.

Day Game (college/sitting set): Unlike walking sets, I’ve had a more favorable response with sitting, immobile girls who are either studying or chilling by themselves in the college cafeteria, study hall or library.

I generally open with a directional opener asking where the college admissions office is. The girl would then offer me directions… but then I’d try to steer the conversation to a more Man-to-Woman interaction.

Most of the time, it doesn’t work, but a few times I’ve had solid interactions where I managed to spit game.

Solution: While I may use directional openers here and there, I may start utilizing observational openers such as what the girl is where, the type of laptop she has, what she’s eating or drinking, asking if she gets WiFi around here.

Addendum: After 12/12/19, an optimal method to approach sitting sets is to sit next to a girl having a conversation, and after I hear something that piques my interest, make a comment.

Day Game (market/walking set): When I’m browsing the supermarket (in most cases, it’s Whole Foods), I generally went direct with a favorable response. The girls would grin, say I’m brave or thank me, followed by stating they have a boyfriend or in a committed relationship. However, I’m displaying interest and very obvious. I believe I’d net a better response if I went indirectly and subtle.

Solution: I will try going with an opinion opener by asking her opinion on some kind of food (ie. “Which is better, strawberry jelly or peach jelly?”).

Alternatively, I can use a method endorsed by Chase Amante by going direct indirect. An example of this at a clothing store is:

Me: Do you think these come in my size? [holding up women’s shoes / panties / earrings, etc.]

Girl: [laughs, or mildly surprised]

Me: I’m just kidding, I thought you were cute and I wanted to meet you. I’m Adam.

Another example at a grocery store is:

Me: Hey do you know any good recipes combining this [hold up a random ingredient] with tomato sauce?

Girl: Um… no, I don’t know if I do

Me: I’m kidding, I’m actually not that hopeless. I just thought you were pretty and I wanted to say hello. I’m Adam.

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