12/12/19 – The Middle Eastern Girl, the Beta Male, and a Lesson in Having a Carefree Personality

Before I begin, I’m not sure why I felt the need to help some beta chump get laid with a Middle Eastern foreign exchange student, but next time I won’t lend a helping hand. This session at UWM was good. I got a phone number from an attractive Middle Eastern girl. Very receptive and open. She reminded me of a very young Morena Baccarin.

The report:

Approach #1: I decided to use an opener I found on RVF by asking “Excuse me, do you get WiFi around here?” with a better success ratio than going direct.

My first approach was a fat girl. I thought she was cute from a distance. Was very wrong. Asked if she knew the WiFi worked around here. She said no, but tried helping me out. She was a bit too happy and excited to talk to me.

Thankfully, the set ended relatively quickly.

Approach #2: I ran into a walking set. She was a pretty brunette. She bit on my bait regarding the WiFi. We had a small conversation, but nothing too interesting.

Approach #3: My final approach was my favorite one. I was walking by two people: a Middle Eastern girl, attractive, 18, sporting blue overalls you’d see in the ’90s and some blonde-haired, blue-eyed Beta male. Why do I call him a Beta male? He was quiet, reeked of insecurity, and asked the girl logical questions. Didn’t even know how to emotionally spike a woman. He reminded me of myself when I was his age.

I hate saying I was a total cockblock, but I was. At first, I sat a few seats away from them. When I saw my opportunity and the conversation died down between the two of them, I found an empty seat and asked if I could sit there. The guy said yes.

Once the conversation spiked again, I heard something interesting and made a comment.

I won’t get into the nitty-gritty of the conversation itself, but I followed great advice from Roosh V’s Bang and his Kingmaker Podcast of “being carefree and outcome independent in an interaction” which gets a girl wet, “wake up in the morning ready to do an approach when you get out the door”, and “when you wake up, start the day being out-going and extraverted.”

Needless to say, his words ring very fucking true.

I said whatever came to mind, performed some cold-read techniques, and Man-to-Woman push-pull tactics I learned from Todd V. This girl was eating it up. At the end of the interaction, she asked ME if I had time to go on a coffee date.

When I said, “Oh is he coming too?” as in, the Beta male, she paused momentarily, as if hesitant, and said “Sure.”

Clearly, she didn’t want to be with him… and I was getting tired of interacting with the two. So I settled with a phone number instead. She readily gave it to me and I’m going to follow up at 11AM or 12PM.

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