12/13/19 – Whatever You Do, Don’t Drink and Game

I’m tired. My mind is foggy as hell and I feel lethargic.

During last night’s session, I made the mistake of going into night game drinking two full bottles of hard alcohol, thinking it would loosen me up.

I was dead wrong.

What happened instead is that I forgot nearly all of my game techniques, principles, and ran sloppy game. I said whatever came to mind (and not in a good way), felt highly introverted and closed off to the world. To top it off, my friends led me to a gay club where I felt incredibly out of place and uncomfortable, which further damaged my game stratagem.

At least I can count this night as a win due to learning experience: Don’t overdo the booze before night gaming (maaaaybe just a single drink and that’s it) and go to venues I do well at.

I recall two instances where an opportunity opened up to me. I did decent at one and meh at the other.

Approach #1: After spending 1-2 hours with my friends, we went off to this gay club under their advisement. Never again will I respond positively to: “Come on man, there’s a ton of single chicks with their gay friends at the club!”

In any other case, my first approach happened when I first entered the club with my friends. I ran into this cute, nerdy girl sporting a fur coat and hipster glasses. She was with two males – both gay – who were busy chatting in their little secluded corner of the club.

I sarged into the group, grinned and said: “Man, you guys look like you’re having the most fun out of everyone!” The group laughed and then I introduced myself.

We had a friendly chat, while I focused on my target while trying to engage her two gay friends with relative success. Unfortunately, they had to leave, but I managed to snag a phone number before she head out.

Approach #2: The only other notable set I ran into was when I was at the bar counter, a few drinks in. My game was drastically starting to decrease due to my inebriated state.

She was sporting a cheeta-spotted bottom, had huuuuuge tits, and judging by how she responded to my advances, and the fact she didn’t move away when I teasingly poked at her tits, told me she was DTF if I just played my cards a liiiiiiiittle better.

She was by herself texting on her phone, while her gay friend moved in after we chatted for a few minutes. My biggest issue was escalating FAR too fast. If I had gone just a little slower, been a little more patient, maybe, just maybe, I would have secured a notch.

I’m going to keep this report relatively short, but remember kiddies: Heavy alcohol consumption and game are NOT your friends.

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