12/18/19 – Stop Making the Same Mistakes

Today I did my approaches at Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa, but I ran into the issue of making the same mistakes I did yesterday at Whole Foods. That, or it could be my half-hearted opener. I believe it was due to the fact I’m worried some “lone” girl could have a boyfriend she’s waiting for.

Now that I think about it… that’s probably an excuse.

Anyway, let’s get to the report:

Approach #1: I approached an older lady. Thought she was cute from a distance. Was wrong. Did a friendly direct approach by asking: “Excuse me, I just LOVE your coat. Where did you get it?” See, if I followed Chase Amante’s advice, that line SHOULD have been, “Excuse me, I just LOVE your coat. I’m Adam.”

When I said “Where did you get it?” that immediately leads the conversation to a more casual, strangers just talking type interaction. I need to state my name so it immediately draws closer to Man-to-Woman.

Thankfully, the set was short as I cut it after discovering she’s an older lady.

Approach #2: I hit up my local Barnes & Nobles bookstore in the mall. It’s very spacious and great for approaches. I saw this girl examining puzzles on a shelf. However, due to her beanie, I couldn’t tell if she was cute or not. It was a big mystery. Due to this fact, I commented on her jacket and made the same mistakes as my first approach

Approach #3: My favorite approach, but one I’m not sure I made a mistake on. As I was walking away from the Food Court in the Mall, I ran into this woman. She had blonde hair, a cute face, and easily pinned as extraverted. When I did my approach, I mentioned that I loved her jacket. She smiled, thanked me, and then told me where she got it.

Honestly, I should have just mentioned my name after commenting on her jacket, but due to a fear of rejection – yes, let’s call it what it is – I did not.

Buuuuut, I’m pretty sure I saw a wedding ring on her finger. Despite the great interaction, I decided to exit set a little early.

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