12/20/19 – Uhhh… Did I Miss Out On An Opportunity or Make the Right Move?

On 12/20/19, Friday night, I decided to venture out to Taylor’s once again and this gay club (after I got adjusted) and met a group of five. Two girls, three guys, but all the dudes were gay save for one who was married to one of the girls.

Unfortunately, the final girl was fat. Not thick, not skinny – just straight up fat. I mean, she had a cute face and nice personality, but overall, was low, low value for someone like me.

But since it was so late in the night, I was pretty buzzed, I decided to make a move.

Here’s the thing, though: Despite the fact she was clearly giving IOIs to me (honestly, who is surprised?) I ran meh game because I just wasn’t feeling it. Like, my dick was soft, no attraction was generated on my end, and the ONLY good thing she had going for her was her tits.

When she had to go because her friends wanted to leave, I felt a liiiittle sense of loss. I wanted to get my dick wet and maaaaybe I didn’t mind dumpster diving for one night, but I let her go.

Did I miss out on an opportunity or make the right move?

Probably made the right move.

I refuse to add a low-grade notch to my list.

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