12/26/19 – Getting Back in the Grove

I haven’t gamed since Sunday, or 4 days, since I decided to visit my father in Missouri. Therefore, I knew heading back into day game I’d be a little rusty. So I’m forgiving myself for any iffy approaches I did today; tomorrow, however, is another story.

In order to “get back in the groove”, I’m doing both day and night game and plan to write a report on both. Let’s start with my day game sets first.

Mayfair Mall

Approach #1: A practice approach. Yeah, I was feeling good getting back into the game, but I knew I was slightly rusty. Therefore, I approached a cute Latina, late 20s. I asked about her jacket via indirect approach. However, she was married.

Approach #2: I approached a white girl, about an HB soft 6, and asked her about her jacket. While I didn’t capitalize on my opportunity, I did notice something: The longer I remain in a venue, the worse I perform in set. Why is that? I believe it’s because I’m in my head too long or get bored looking for attractive sets. Therefore, I believe it’s imperative I dish out approaches within 15-30 minutes. If I wait any longer, I risk damaging my initial approach.


Approach #3: When I first entered Victor’s I ran into two girls who I mistakenly thought were white. It turns out they were light-skinned Latinas. I decided to snake myself into the set by sitting next to a guy who was keeping to himself next to the girls who were dancing.

Turning around, I grinned and opened with, “I love your white girl dance moves,” and they both laughed. The conversation was playful and as a sign I was doing well I got alot of shit tests. I mean, like every fucking sentence that came out of their mouth was a shit test. I passed a few, but ejected out of set after a while.

Approach #4: My final approach was with a girl sporting a red shirt and black skirt. I’d estimate she was in her late 30s and “out with the girls” as I noticed she was surrounded by two of her friends. I opened with the same “I love your white girl dance moves,” in which she replied “Am I supposed to be impressed by that?”

I internally rolled my eyes and said it was just a compliment and exited the set.

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