12/27/19 – A Night of 8s and an Asian Girl

On Friday, 12/27/19, I decided to hit up Taylor’s once again. Of course, I ran into my Hispanic artist wingman who was with his sister tonight. He left early in the night once I spotted my first target and chatted her up for 30 minutes or so, but acted as a great “warm up” set before the real fun began.

And fun it was indeed.

I had three very memorable encounters, all highly educational on improving my game in-field.

Approach #1: While sitting next to my Hispanic friend, I hit up a half-Persian/half-White woman next to me. She was attractive for her age of 41, friendly, and I made an observational opener of how she looked so bored since she was scrolling through Facebook on her phone. She was receptive, but I think she was aware of game – that, or my game is far too obvious.

For example, I tried to play the guessing game with her in regards to my age and ethnicity, she responded with, “Oh no, I’m not playing your games!” while laughing. I need to thoroughly assess why she didn’t fall into my frame, but I believe I didn’t build enough comfort or maybe my premise with the girl wasn’t strong enough.

However, despite our friendly conversation, the interaction went downhill when she told me her age. I believed my Man-to-Woman push-pull was going to work when I responded with, “… yeah, you’re not bad,” with a cocky half-grin.

Her response? “Not bad?! I look amazing!” Jesus, overconfident are we? Yeah, she was cute for a 41 year old. I could easily peg her as a woman in her early-mid 30s, but nothing extraordinary.

What’s the lesson from this? I believe, with older women in general, I should play it 80% nice guy, 20% asshole. Make a few spaced-out push-pull compliments, but probably play it a bit more direct compared to younger sluts.

Approach #2: After my first approach, I decided to go for a smoke outside of Taylor’s. While outside, I ran into this older gentleman, well-dressed, late 40s, who resembled an older Mark Hamill. I knew he came with a group of HB 8s, so I figured I’d snake my way into their social circle.

However, I didn’t know he was gay… until he spoke, that is. He had a very noticeable lisp, and was friendly, a bit too friendly toward me. I didn’t want to lead him on and played it casually. Not friendly, not mean, just one man talking to another.

I guess that was good enough for him and he invited me to meet his friends.

After walking to his table, I was introduced to three females, all of equal value: Soft HB 8s. A pale ginger, a light-skinned Latina, and a black woman. They wore classy dresses and warmly welcomed me into their group. I was surprised at how open they were to bringing in, for all intents and purposes, a slightly well-dressed stranger into their crew.

The leader of the pack, the Latina, had a bad case of ADHD or something. She wanted to jump from club to club every 10 minutes, saying it wasn’t “classy enough” for her because “Look how we’re dressed up! We’re classy!”

The ironic part is when they left for a strip club 20 minutes away at the end of our interaction.

But I digress.

My game here was two-fold: First, trying to game the so-called “Alpha Bitch” of the pack while trying to avoid gay Mark Hamill’s advances.

We decided to head to Lucid Lounge while I chatted her up. She was receptive, but all I managed to secure during our interaction was a simple dance. Yeah, she grinded up against me, which I consider a win since she’s the first HB 8 I danced with, but I’m going to go over what I did wrong during our interaction:

  1. Overvaluing the girls: The fact the Latina’s crew sported fancy attire coupled with their attractiveness gave the impression they were unapproachable. Boy was I wrong. Consequently, I became excited and what happens after that? I spit bad needy game. My negs were try-hard (and came off as rude to the redhead), I didn’t express myself in a carefree way that turns a girl on, and honestly, due to my fear of ruining the interaction, I felt I was boring at times.

    As Roosh V states in his video “Why You Shouldn’t Get Excited About A Girl“, the best thing I could have done in that situation is don’t get excited. Be an emotional rock. Be cold. Treat the girls, no matter how hot they are, like the HB 4 you met at a Wal-Mart.

After a while, the girls decided to head to the strip club which was a 20-minute drive away. I didn’t feel like paying the cover charge and ejected out of the set.

Approach #3: At the end, I went back to Lucid Lounge and met a tiny Chinese girl (approx. 4’10” or so) sitting by herself while her friends raged on the dance floor. She was very receptive to my approach. My game wasn’t on-point, but I knew due to how open she was during our interaction, she wanted to hook up with someone tonight.

I decided to do a little kino and wrapped my arm around her shoulder, pulling her close. As our faces grew closer, I went for the kiss. She returned it and I aggressively started making out with her. An easy pull, I thought, as I started groping her ass.

I didn’t use much game on her and it felt like a suicidal gazelle approaching a hungry lion.

We danced a bit, but I wasn’t able to pull. Unlike Drew from a few weeks ago, I felt I was too aggressive which she didn’t respond positively to. In any other case, at the end of the night, she took my phone, inserted and saved her number, before she left with her friends.

Next time, I’ll have to read the girl’s blueprint and match it.

NOTE: She’s texting back to me relatively quickly. Let’s see if I can capitalize on my investment tonight.

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