12/27/19 – “It just happened”

Today I decided to venture out to Bayview Mall and I experienced a lesson in what Todd V calls “It just happened”. First, before I begin, I think Bayview Mall is very meh compared to Mayfair. It’s an outdoor mall with talent scattered about.

Approach #1: I entered an Old Navy store and ran into a white girl, probably late 20s, who was busy hanging clothes on a hanger – an employee. I decided to use an opinion opener suggested by Chase Amante by grabbing a leather jacket, walking up to my target, and asking, “I need a female opinion: Do you think this jacket looks good on me?”

Since it was a new opener I haven’t used before, my approach was pretty weak. The girl looked up, as if shaken awake, smiled softly, and said “Uh, yeah, I think it looks good on you.” She was quiet, reserved, and just looked at me.

I thanked her and left the set.

Approach #2: My favorite day game approach. She was a half-Japanese/half-White employee I ran into while entering an Apple store. Given my keen eye on cold reading ethnicities, I immediately noticed she had an exotic mix of both Asian and White. However, I wasn’t sure of the exact mix.

Without thinking about the approach, after she introduced herself I looked at her, squinted as if thinking, and asked if she was mixed. She smiled wide and said she was. While incorrect, I did a cold-read and asked if she was half Vietnamese. She laughed, said no, and stated she was half-Japanese.

After falling into my frame, she then asked what I was. I ran a playful game and told her to guess. After guessing incorrectly a few times, I gave her a hint and then she guessed correctly. I teased her on it and she responded positively.

We had a friendly chat, but she had to go back to work soon after.

NOTE: Even though the interaction didn’t end in a phone number, I managed to have a GREAT set without thinking about the approach.

Todd V was right when he said the sets that “just happen” are the best.

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