12/28/19 – Drop the Neediness!

On Saturday, 12/28/19 I decided to skip my day game sets since a minor hangover from Friday night kept me in a very melancholy and passive mood. I knew I should’ve gamed at the mall, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I promised myself I’d day game on Sunday, 12/29/19, which I’ll be writing a report about soon.

I had to kick myself in the ass to go night gaming at Victor’s, which is where this report is focused on.

Approach #1: I know I’m going to get shat on for this, but I ran into a Puerto Rican woman, late 40s, but decent looking for her age. She looked younger from the far distance. As I approached her table, the first thing I noticed was a bucket of beers sitting idly down. I opened with, “Don’t tell me that’s all for you!” before she looked at me, grinned and said it was.

Most of the techniques used in set were cocky funny, a fair amount of push-pull, and subtle premise learned from Todd V.

I’m honestly pretty proud of how I performed in that particular set.

And while I was hesitant escalating, we had a very deep conversation about how dating sites are ruining how men and women connect with each other, the difference between the late ’80s – early 90s’ dating scene and now, etc.

Approach #2: Strangely enough, throughout the night, couples inhabited the night club. I could count on a single hand the number of single females (mostly unattractive land whales) throughout Victor’s. Consequently, due to the lack of talent, I began to grow desperate. A few hours passed without a single approach. And you know what that means, right?

Bad, needy game.

And as fate would have it, my next set was an HB 8 half-Thai/half-Chinese Instagram girl with a black low-cut shirt.

I saw her sitting idly, scrolling through Snapchat and taking photos of herself from a booth in the corner of Victor’s. Strangely enough, I don’t recall what my exact opener was, but it was definitely observational. I offered to snap a few pictures for her to try and build rapport. It worked, but my verbal game was sorely lacking. The set lasted only a few minutes before I ejected.

Approach #3: As I left the last set, I ran into a Meetup.com group who just so happened to choose Victor’s for the night. I met a soft HB 6, but with a baaaaad attitude. And weird, too. She was pale, wore a black top, dark blue jeans, and couldn’t shut up about how she’s a single mother while crapping on the other dudes accompanying her.

She was terrible.

But damn, I wanted to get laid that night.

I tried to run solid game on her, but due to her negative vibe, I couldn’t say much except talk platonically to her.

While speaking to her friends, I met up with another crew of dudes and a few girls who attended the meetup. The girls were of dubious quality, but the guys were cool. Hell, one dude was also an aspiring pickup artist – and while he hasn’t done any approaches yet, it was nice encouraging him to practically apply the game theory he learned in-field.

Approach #4: A few hours passed and I left the Meetup group. It was 1:30 AM and I had an hour left before the bar closed. I went outside for a cigerette and met a white girl, a soft HB 7, but with a bubbly personality. She was super friendly, drunk, and touchy. During our interaction she hugged me close, said I was cute, and practically threw herself at me.

However, it didn’t help I was being cockblocked by this peacocking Mystery looking dude with absolutely no game. He was loud, boisterous and practically killed any sexual vibe when chatting with the girl and myself outside.

At the time I considered the night a loss, especially since later on in the night, I saw other dudes pull girls I desperately wanted to talk to; but I recollected my memories – and more importantly, how far I’ve come since I began my journey to become an aspiring pickup artist.

I believe one of my greatest weaknesses in seduction is trying to pre-plan everything: From the opener, premise, evaluation and even close.


I found a few quotes from Todd V which I believe could significantly increase my effectiveness in-field:

“Flirting is not just something you say or do. It is something you embody.

“Another important thing to note with flirting in general, is that a line must work spontaneously, and it’s not really something you can or should pre-plan.

I see a lot of guys who think they have this magic push-pull line that they think will work perfectly every time.

The only problem is, they get into an interaction with a girl and use the line in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong delivery. It comes off weird and try-hard and the girl starts to find a way to escape the interaction entirely.

Flirtation only really works when it’s not try-hard, when it’s playful and when it’s in the moment. In fact, if you deliver a push-pull line with the clear intent for it to work, by the very nature of you having an agenda behind that line, it most likely won’t work.”

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