12/29/19 – Scary AF

On Sunday, 12/29/19 I went day gaming at Southridge Mall as I promised myself on Saturday. I’ve gamed there once before, but the girls are either underage or in pairs par the usual with malls – but Southridge particularly excels at it.

Approach #1: When I first entered Southridge Mall, I was hungry and didn’t feel like doing approaches until after I ate. After ordering my food I met a cute Puerto Rican girl (HB 6) scrolling through Facebook on her phone. Looking over, I grinned and opened with, “You look like you’re seriously bored” as she scrolled through her phone. She replied that she was at lunch and waiting for her order to come through.

We had a nice chat, I tried to do some heavy handed cold-reads, but since it was all pre-planned it didn’t work too well in my favor.

After a few minutes, she left and I moved on after eating my lunch.

Approach #2: While checking out different stores in the mall, I decided to check out American Eagle Outfitters. Looking around for targets, I discovered a girl – in a literal sense, that is – who I pegged as 18 or 19. She was tall, blonde, wandering the store by herself. I picked up a pair of dark jeans and did an opinion opener.

Hilariously enough, the jeans were ridiculously long. Like, way past my feet. As the girl looked down, she grinned and said, “Well, first I think those are too long.” Before glancing down and laughing at my own mistake.

During our conversation, I mentioned I finished college a long time ago. She replied with, “Man, I can’t wait until I get to college.” Weird. As I squinted, I asked how old she was…

She said 16.

I ejected out as fast as humanly possible.

Approach #3: After escaping the wrath of Chris Hansen, I wandered into an H&M. In the far distance, I saw a cute girl. Tall, brunette, with a defeated expression on her face as she looked through an assortment of clothes. As usual when opening at clothing shops, I picked out a pair of jeans, approached her and asked if my outfit would look good on me.

She looked at me, smiled and said it did. We chatted for about 30 minutes. Turns out, she’s apart of an acapella for her high school. That sounded shifty af when I heard that. When I asked how old she was, she responded with “17, but my birthday is in a few weeks.”


I was torn. She was going to be in the sexual market in a few weeks. I could’ve had the chance to snatch her number before she’s swarmed by a tsunami of cocks and validation from her Instagram. After ruminating over my decision, I simply said it was nice to meet her and hoped to see her again soon.

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