12/30/19 – The Gift of Spontaneous Openers

On Monday, 12/30/19, I sarged through Mayfair Mall in order to practice my sticking point of opening spontaneously. It went wonderfully. My interactions felt smooth and came off as genuine. While most of my sets felt like an average conversation with a stranger, I was able to successfully throw in some push-pull lines without even thinking about it.

Approach #1: I knew the second I entered Mayfair I wanted to hit up the Barnes and Noble bookstore first. It was relatively quiet, with talent littered about, coupled with a low influx of noisy onlookers trying to overhear my conversations.

My first target was a white female, late 20s – but damn, she aged poorly – who looked like she was hitting 40. It’s true what they say about men and women aging: Men age like fine wine, women age like milk.

I don’t recall what she exactly wore, but it was slightly more classy than anyone else in the mall. Without thinking about it, I opened with, “That is the most classiest outfit I’ve seen all day over here!” She was incredibly receptive and thanked me.

We had a very good interaction. She was one of those sets I was very proud of doing. I was smooth, did calibrated push-pull, and she bought into my frame.

However, I dragged the conversation on too long and I saw a wedding ring on her finger. I didn’t want to ask for the number, but I made one minor mistake during the interaction: She was getting bored 20-25 minutes in and left the set first by stating she had to catch dinner with a friend.

Overall, great set, but should have number closed.

Approach #2: After prowling around for 30-45 minutes, I couldn’t find many targets due to common mall issues: a.) Too many group sets b.) Underaged girls. Therefore, after I went back into Barnes and Noble, I met a cute 24-year-old white girl sporting a heavy jacket and baseball cap. My spontaneous opener was indirect by asking if she found anything good while examining a bookcase of novels.

She said she didn’t and was just looking around after work. Unfortunately, this conversation was platonic. I don’t recall implementing on-the-spot push-pull lines, but I did number close as a sticking point to ABC (“Always Be Closing”).

She said she didn’t give her number to strangers. I laughed, said I understood and ejected out of the set.

Approach #3: Once again, Barnes and Noble. I was about to leave before I ran into a white woman, early-mid 30s, who was picking out wedding cards. I didn’t see anyone with her so I did the approach. I approached by asking, “Have you found anything interesting yet?” She said not yet but was looking hard. Out of curiosity, I asked what this was for. Her response?

“Oh, I’m planning out wedding cards for my upcoming wedding in March.”


I remained friendly with her, but the conversation didn’t go anywhere.

Approach #4: My final set was near a Starbucks in the center of the mall. She was an adorable (hard HB 6), 28 year old, half-Latina/half-Polish girl. Her haircut was brunette, short and v-shaped and walked alone. As I casually caught up to her, I glanced over slightly to my right, and spontaneously opened with a direct friendly, “That is the most adorable haircut I’ve seen all day.”

She was slightly shellshocked, but recovered quickly.

While I wouldn’t call this my favorite (or even my most successful) set of the day, I was able to focus my sexual intent later on in the interaction. Our conversation was mostly platonic, but I was able to throw in some push-pull lines into the mix.

At the end, I managed to snag her number.

NOTE: As an experiment, I may try and throw heavy push-pull lines early on into the interaction. After that, focus exclusively on evaluating the girl to get her to start chasing.

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