01/02/20 – UWM is Still Dead ):

I should have called the UWM staff before venturing out to try my hand at college campus game once again. As it turns out, UWM doesn’t officially begin the Spring Semester until 01/22/20. However, some students participated in a 3-week acceleration program to knock out a few classes before the next semester began.

I noticed a few students wandering to and fro, but so very little, especially compared to Mayfair Mall. I only did two approaches, both spontaneous observational, before I left due to the lack of talent.

Approach #1: After strolling around campus for 30 minutes, I ran into this cute brunette girl sporting red tips at the end of her ponytail. I opened her with, “Oh my God, it’s so dead around here! Where did everyone go?” She said UWM had something called “Winterim”, which was the accelerated program I mentioned early on.

I complimented her ponytail by saying, “By the way, love the ponytail, gives you a very hipster look.” She chuckled a little and said, “Yeah, let’s go with that.”

We had a friendly chat, but I felt like I was dragging it on a liiiiittle too long before I ejected.

Approach #2: I went into the campus cafeteria and ran into a cute Asian girl (hard HB 6). She was walking around alone, before I opened with the same opener I used on my last approach. Our conversation was quite casual, with not much game on my end. At the end, I ejected out of set after 5-10 minutes.

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