01/04/20 – Play To Win, Don’t Play To Not Lose

On Saturday, 01/04/20 I hit up Taylor’s and managed to latch onto a single approach which went pretty good imo. However, I just watched a video by Todd V entitled “Do You Have a Loser’s Mindset?” Very powerful and taught me what I was missing in my game.

In a matter of fact, thanks to Todd’s video, I realized I played to not lose instead of playing to win during last night’s set.

Approach #1: I met a half-Black/half-Latina girl accompanied by her white friend. Since I’m attracted to white girls, and while objectively the black girl could be pinged higher on the ‘Hot Babe’ scale, I just wasn’t into her. I met them at Taylor’s while the black girl walked past me. Honestly, at first I pinged her as half-Filipino/half-Black as my opener was, “Excuse me, sorry if it seems random, but are you half-Filipino?” She chuckled and said she wasn’t, before she introduced herself.

The girls were very pleasant to be around: Friendly, we teased each other during the interaction, and very flirtatious. Here’s the thing, though. I didn’t do many – if any – push-pull lines since I liked how our interaction was going. Shit, the white girl even asked, fucking asked, if I could give her a massage since she was tense. If that wasn’t an opportunity, I don’t know what is.

I thought I was “slowly escalating” when in reality, I was simply playing not to lose since I liked where I was during our interaction. Do you know what happened at the end of the night? The girls got bored of me, despite the fact when I left set the first time, they called me back into set. Yes, they wanted to talk to me again.

At the very end, at 1:15 AM, they said they were going to Victor’s and it was “nice to meet me.” What does that mean in reality? As Todd says, “It’s not nice to meet you.” They expected me to be a real man. To escalate. To take charge and play to win.

I bet you: If I didn’t play to win, there’s always another man whose willing to.

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