01/04/20 – I Suffer More In My Head Than I Do In Reality

I’m not sure why I felt so depressed today. If I was a betting man, I’d say it was the moderate drinking at Taylor’s last night and low target selection at the club. It doesn’t matter, though. I was in my head, dreaming up blackpill fantasies and FEELING SORRY FOR MYSELF as I did my cold approaches. In any other case, I must learn to fight my demons. Conquer them. And move on.

The biggest lesson during my day game sets is: Don’t have a negative mindset. Be positive. Be open. Be extraverted. I can and will do this. I’ve gone through so much shit. Accomplished many things. I will master seduction. No matter how long it takes.

Approach #1: After eating at the food court and chatting to a buddy of mine on the phone, I ran into a tall blonde girl – yes, in the literal sense, unfortunately – at an American Eagle Outfitters. I did an opinion opener on her. She was unusually positive, said she loved the outfit. When we were talking, she told me she came here with her mother. I ejected out of set ASAP.

Approach #2: While walking around at the mall, I ran into a white woman sporting a business suit. I did an observational opener by stating, “You are the most professionally dressed chick I’ve met all day over here!” She looked at me and laughed, before unveiling she worked for Spectrum (lol). I chuckled a bit and as I was about to exit set, she tried to get me to buy cable or something. I politely declined and left.

Approach #3: Despite my intruding blackpill mindset on Saturday, I was able to secure two good approaches in my opinion. This is one of them. I was walking through Macy’s, searching around for targets. I spotted a cute brunette girl (soft HB 6) whose hair was colored with faint red dye. As I approached, I said I loved how she did her hair. She laughed and thanked me. She was positive, extraverted, and had a carefree personality.

I made a few mistakes during the set. For example, I asked, “So, who did you come with?” and I instead should have asked, “So, where are your friends?” Much more subtle. Doesn’t scare the cat away as Roosh V would say. She said she was with her boyfriend and his friend.

Our conversation was friendly and I managed to shoot out a few spontaneous premise push-pull lines. Not enough, but it was a good start. I ejected out of set and saw her again with her boyfriend and his friend. We exchanged a knowing smile at each other, before I walked by her.

Great set. I believe it could have led somewhere if my mindset was much more positive.

Approach #4: Next, I went to Barnes and Noble. It was close to Macy’s and I figured I’d scan for targets while there. At the Graphic Novels section, I ran into a cute girl (another soft HB 6) and her boyfriend – some Asian guy. It’s rare seeing another Asian man with a white girl, so I just remained friendly and opened with, “So, see anything good?”

She said yes and without any response on my end, walked up to me with a graphic novel. She said she loved how the art style is and the minimal nature of the comic itself.

She was very sweet and I’m not sure if I should have done anything else. Soon after, I ejected out of set.

Approach #5: My favorite approach is my final approach. I decided to venture back into American Eagle Outfitters and I ran into this cute Latina girl (hard HB 6). I did a spontaneous opinion opener and asked if a pair of jeans looked good on me. She chuckled and said they looked great… but my shoes didn’t fit. I pretended to be offended and she laughed.

Despite my mindset, I had some playful banter with her and we had a great time. At the end, I did a close I learned from The System by Todd. It goes like: “Hey, so you seem coo- wait, are you adventurous?” On que, she responded with “Yes”. “Ok cool, we can hang out. What’s your number?” Without any hesitation, she gave me her number.

I texted her later on in the day and told her to come hang out with me. She responded back and said she went home, but I consider this a big win. Why? She didn’t ghost me like other girls.

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