01/06/20 – Monster Energy Drink Crash and High Octane Game

Oh man, I need to remind myself to avoid Monster Energy Drinks before day gaming at Mayfair Mall. I felt scattered as hell, yet also hyperactive and a bit too high energy for a low energy venue. Not to mention, I almost did shotgun approaches (one approach every 10-15 minutes) since I was so fucking hyped to go day gaming.

Needless to say, I’d bet it’d work if I was night gaming, but it was a terrible idea to go day gaming on an empty stomach while fueled by Monster lol!

I guess I played to win a bit too hard.

Approach #1: The first store I hit at Mayfair was an American Eagle Outfitters. I ran an opinion opener by asking, “Excuse me, do I look good in these pair of jeans?” The girl was positive and agreed, but I was a bit too excited due to my Monster fueled hyperactivity. The set lasted less than 5 minutes.

Approach #2: After that, I hit up a half-Black/half-White girl in Barnes and Nobles. She had a purple bottom and white jacket. Kinda cute. I said her outfit was adorable… but I swear my 5 year old niece wore the same thing on Christmas. She chuckled a bit, but once again, my energy was too high and too strong. I think due to the lack of sleep accompanied by a Monster left me suuuuuper strung out. Set lasted less than 5 minutes.

Approach #3: While prowling the mall hella fast, I was starting to come down from my energy rush, but it was still there. I met a white girl sporting a Noir-style makeup: Dark red lips, pale face, elegant hair. Very attractive. I made a direct comment on it, before she left the set.

Approach #4: My final approach was this girl walking by with an elegant jacket. She was cute, but after I comment on her jacket, she said it was warm and cheap. She left the set in less than 30 seconds.


I consider this a win. Why? I was able to do spontaneous openers accompanied by fast, non-needy approaches. Two months ago I’d never do that.

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