01/08/20 – The Mall Is Unusually Dead

Southridge Mall was unusually quiet today. I saw a few people scattered about, but not much. I did two sets – one great, one fast – and I consider it a massive win since I was playing to win, instead of playing to not lose with my first set.

Approach #1: When I first entered Southridge Mall, I decided to lurk for targets at H&M. I ran into this girl, she was semi-cute, a hard HB 5, but not cute enough that I’d ask for her number. But hell, she was cute enough to practice on. She was white, had glasses, long brunette hair, and some acne on her face. At first, I pegged her for a teenager. Turns out, she’s 20.

The best thing I did in that set was playing to win: I didn’t hold back. I played cocky funny, with a few push-pull lines that I followed up on. We had a great interaction and caused the girl to chase a few times during the set. Too bad she wasn’t cute enough or I’d ask for her number.

Approach #2: I made a slightly uncalibrated approach this time around. I was walking for 30 minutes to an hour without spotting a viable set. Out of nowhere, from behind me, a Latina girl sporting slightly classier clothes compared to everyone else, walks by. Immediately, without any prior calibration, I say, “Wow, that jacket is pretty cute.”

She turns around and cocks her brow. I knew the set wouldn’t be good, but fuck it. I followed up with, “Where did you get it?” She shrugs her shoulders, “JCPenny’s from upstairs,” before walking off.

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