01/10/20 – Don’t Drink And Game Folks

On Friday, 01/10/20 I went night gaming at Taylor’s once again. However, I made the biiiiiig mistake of drinking beforehand. Like, 3 beers. Unlike my New Year’s Eve binge, I wasn’t up to par on my game skill. I did lots of uncalibrated, almost shotgun-like approaches. I’d see a pretty girl, think about how I’d approach, and then do it. It also comes with the territory of doing canned approaches. They could tell a mile away what I wanted from them.

I recall a shitload of shotgun approaches and one memorable approach.

Approach #1: I met a soft HB 7 who soared above lots of girls there. She was brunette, was 6 foot in height, and pretty cute. My opener was unscripted. As I approached her I said, “You are enormous! How tall are you?” She chuckled and told me her height. I’m not sure what it was about the interaction, but she treated me like a little brother than any sort of potential sex partner. I need to work on premise if that’s the case – or better yet, playing to win and not to lose.

That’s it. I believe the biggest takeaway from this report is to NEVER drink and game. At least, for me. That whole New Year’s Eve thing? It was an outlier that rarely occurs. What usually happens, however, is that I get introverted when I drink too much. My default when I’m really buzzed or drunk is playing not to lose. Hell, I even forget alot of the game strategies I learned from various PUAs when I’m inebriated.

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