01/13/20 – Out of Hibernation

On Monday, 01/13/20 I ventured off into Mayfair Mall after hibernating in my apartment for two whole days due to a massive snowstorm that hit Milwaukee. Consequently, I wasn’t able to do either day or night game on Saturday or Sunday.

Approach #1: My first stop was the Nordstroms inside the mall. It’s a large store with three separate floors. The bottom floor is for men’s clothing, the middle for perfumes, shoes, sunglasses and such, and the top floor women’s clothing. For whatever reason, I see most attractive targets on the middle floor.

NOTE: When I see a girl trying on glasses, I’ll open with, “Nah, too dorky, try something else,” in a confident, calibrated tone.

In any other case, I ran into this white woman, late 20s – early 30s, sporting a classy black outfit. She was walking down an escalator. I believe I opened her too fast since she laughed, thanked me, and left.

Approach #2: Afterward, I hit up Barnes and Noble. Looking around, I discovered a girl – who I’m assuming was 18 or 19 – reading a novel. At a distance, she looked cute, but as I got closer, she kinda reminded me of a witch with a hooked nose. I’m sorry, there’s no better way to describe it. She was a hard 5, with her saving grace being her makeup.

I decided to do a classic indirect Roosh opener by asking, “Hey, you seem really into that book. Is it any good?” She chuckled, showed me the cover, and after I realized how she looked, I said thanks and hope she enjoys her book before ejecting out of the set.

Approach #3: My final set occurred an hour later. She was a white girl, early 20s, sitting on a bench, chilling by herself. Her jacket had something written on top, accompanied by something on the arm piece. I admit, I tried closing far too fast with this one. I opened with, “Excuse me, what does that say on your jacket?” She showed me and said it was a quote from The Office. I said it looked cool then asked for her name. She responded with, “Uhm, why?” before I responded in a fast, almost rushed tone, “Oh, I’m just a friendly guy. Anyway, you have fun.”

Not my best set, but a learning experience to develop more premise before closing the set.

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