01/17/20 – The Ultimate Shit Test Or Blowout?

On 01/17/20, Friday, I decided to venture out to Taylor’s and like a madman, walk a mile in a blizzard to Victor’s. I did numerous approaches, but they were sets that lasted 3 seconds or so. However, one approach stands out of the rest. It was a remarkable learning experience that I’ll for sure need advice on.

Approach #1: My favorite and most eye-opening lesson yet. While I was at Taylor’s, two very cute girls walked in (soft HB 8s). Both early 20s, one of the girls was a tall brunette, while the other a slightly shorter blonde. Both were highly flirtatious and receptive to my approach. I did a situational opener and as they sat down I opened with, “You girls are crazy for coming out in this blizzard!” They looked at me, grinned and said, “And how about you?”

I paused momentarily, as if thinking, and subsequently responded with, “Touché.”

I was very proud of myself during that particular set since I was playful and witty throughout most of the interaction. I recall a few cocky funny lines, no push-pull, but the girls were happy to chat with me. I may have been playing not to lose at first, but I decided to slowly escalate the set further with the end goal in mind.

That is…

Until I said a neg toward the tall one.

Oh Jesus that changed everything.

As we were talking, while the tall brunette was speaking, I squinted, cocked my head a little to the side and responded with, “You know, I don’t know what it is, but ya got a masculine gritty vibe to ya.”

The cute blonde giggled, looked at her friend then back at me and said, “Haha yeah, she gets that alot.”

Before that, she mentioned she worked as a nurse at a hospital, went through lots of crazy shit, and worked overtime. Due to her persistence and tenacity of working through tough shit – both masculine traits – I thought my backhanded compliment would have worked. Just to show I’m not flattered by her beauty.

She was offended. Oh my God, this random Asian guy I met called me masculine?! How dare he! She started looking around, making backhanded remarks toward me. Hell, I recall two remarks. The first, she was looking outside at the blizzard and said, “Yeah, looking outside at the blizzard is way more fun than talking to you,” and after a while, “Yeah, we planned to stay until YOU said that.”

Meanwhile, her friend tried to explain that she’s not usually like this to me and not to worry about it.



I beta’d down man. I admit it. I was supplicating afterward. Like, I wasn’t prepared to buy her a drink. That’s too beta, but I said, “Alright, alright. Yeah, that was kinda fucked. How can I make it up to you?”

She kept saying there’s no way I can.

However, throughout her “anger phase” toward me, I couldn’t help but feel this was a shit test of sorts. Like, an aching, gnawing feeling was telling me inside that it was. But… I didn’t know how else to respond but beta down, stay quieter than usual and even supplicate.

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