Holy Shit, That’s Alotta Approaches!

After receiving Todd V’s Online Coaching Guide, I read the following:

“The bare minimum we suggest is going out three times a week for about an hour of gaming. This equates to at least 20 approaches per week, although beginners are encouraged to do many more approaches because their interactions will typically be shorter. Those who get the most out of the program do around 50 approaches per week.”

Holy shit, that’s alot of approaches.

Whelp, time to nut up or shut up.

While I can’t get 50 approaches in a week, I’ll try my damnedest to go out 5 times a week while doing 6 sets per day. That would equal 30 approaches per week, which is fucking bonkers for me.

My venues will be planned out in two week increments:


  • Monday: Milwaukee Streets (Park/Brady Street/Pick & Save) (4 sets)
  • Tuesday: Milwaukee Streets (Marquette Streets/Neighborhood adjacent to campus) (4 sets)
  • Wednesday: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (3-4 sets)
  • Thursday: OFF
  • Friday: OFF
  • Saturday: Marquette University (4 sets) (drive there) / Gutter Game at Taylors / Trinity’s (1-3 sets)
  • Sunday: Chicago (no approach goal; get 2-4 solid phone numbers)

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