01/18/20 – A Snobby Bitch and A Pre-School Teacher

I didn’t feel like going out on Saturday, 01/18/20, due to the immense 10F cold front hitting Milwaukee. The wind made it so much worse. However, I decided to nut up or shut up, sarged my way to Victor’s and did four approaches throughout the night.

Approach #1: I met two girls, an Italian-American, very cute, I’d peg her as a hard HB 7 and her friend who was a significant drop in quality. They were chatting at the bar in a secluded corner of Victor’s. Since I wanted my opener to seem casual and low-key, I ordered a drink two seats away from them while they happily chatted away.

I overheard the 7’s friend remark the “huge black guy” who was at the entrance was “hella hot”. It was said in a hushed tone – as if she didn’t want to be discovered. While I didn’t care for the 7’s friend getting dicked down by a black dude, I found it appropriate to slowly turn toward their direction, cocking my brow a little with a playful smirk.

The girls laughed and tried explaining it away. I told them not to worry about it and stated he’s a patron here.

Here’s something interesting: While the conversation between the Italian-American 7 and I was mostly platonic (I did 2 push-pull lines), I found her personality to be lacking immensely.

She was an absolute snob. Here are a few golden lines straight from the horse’s mouth:

Her: “I don’t like Milwaukee.”
Me: “Why? Weren’t you raised here?”
Her: “Yeah, but like, everyone is so uncultured.”
Me: “What do you mean?”
Her: “So, I go to Italy every year, and I travel alot, the people here just kinda stay in the same city.” [A pause] “… They don’t have any motivation or ambition.”

She went on and on about Italy, her Italian heritage, how Europe is superior to the US. Blah blah blah. Well bitch, I have a great Italian movie I’m sure you’d love to see.

Overall, while her personality and vibe were sorely lacking, I managed to throw in a few push-pull lines.

After an hour or so, I simply ejected out of the set.

Maybe she’d be more tolerable after a few drinks.

UPDATE: She was far more tolerable but unpullable. I saw a few dudes during the middle and end of the night try and pull her. No dice.

Approach #2: After leaving that set, I met an early 30s pre-school teacher. She was cute, a hard HB 6, and friendlier than the Italian-American. Of course, she had slight bitch shields up, but they were manageable. She was on her phone, I opened with, “You seem like the most chill person in the club.” She replied calmly, but with a smile on her face and agreed.

We had a nice conversation, but I knew I wasn’t establishing enough premise. During the middle of our conversation, I recalled Todd’s quote of: “Flirting is something you embody, not something you do.”

While the teacher was talking, I began envisioning a flirty version of myself. Let’s call him “Alpha Adam”. Once I did that, my set became ALOT more better. I teased her, did a few push-pull lines, and she started getting into the conversation a whole lot more.

Unfortunately, that’s when her friends returned. There was five of them. After they returned, I figured it to be a lost cause and ejected out of the set.

Approach #3: After the pre-school teacher, I briefly caught a glimpse of a Puerto Rican girl I swore I knew. It was an unintentional approach, but an approach nevertheless. I tapped her shoulder, squinted, and asked if I knew her. She grinned, but didn’t say anything. After that I chuckled and said, “Nevermind! You look JUST like this one girl I know!”

She chuckled and I introduced myself. After shaking my hand, I stole a line from James Marshall and said, “That’s a very country girl handshake you’ve got there.” It was firm, masculine. We had a very flirtatious chat for a minute or two before a good friend of hers showed up.

I left the set soon afterward.

Approach #4: A few hours passed and I was tempted to go dumpster diving for cougars. I met this older lady, early 40s, blonde hair but overall a soft HB 5. I wasn’t into her, but she looked like your stereotypical soccer mom you’d see in the suburbs.

I kept it mostly platonic but threw out some half-assed premise lines. After a little, I simply left since I really didn’t think she was hot.

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