01/21/20 – Testing Out Audio Equipment and Hanging Out With A PUA From Todd V’s Facebook Group

On Tuesday, 01/21/20, I decided to try out some new audio recording equipment I got from Amazon. I also met up with a pickup artist I met on Todd V’s Facebook group. Great guy. Very helpful and encouraging, we’re going to meet up again.

Approach #1: My first approach was an HB 8 at Barnes and Noble. Very cute, blonde hair, idly sitting down checking out some books.

Strengths: Was able to cold approach, no issue. Girl was hooked for a few minutes.

Weaknesses: I had trouble handling pressure, couldn’t hook girl strong enough for insta-date. Ejected out of set too early.


Approach #2: I ran into a 2 set. A blonde and brunette sporting a long black jacket. Blonde was cute (hard HB 6), the brunette was not.

Strengths: Was able to cold approach 2 set. Made the girls laugh and interested for over 5 minutes.

Weaknesses: Couldn’t hook enough. Trouble trying to balance making the blonde into me while keeping the brunette at bay.


Approach #3: While my buddy and I were prowling Mayfair for targets, we stepped inside Nordstrom and ran into a cute, tall blonde. She was a soft HB 6, but in a rush. The set was short.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Too short to add much strengths or weaknesses.


Approach #4: Our final stop was at a 21 Forever store. I ran into this cute brunette who was a student at Marquette University. She was friendly, helpful, but I wasn’t able to handle the pressure enough to make the interaction Man-to-Woman.

Strengths: Decent conversation, was semi-playful throughout, was able to try and close.

Weaknesses: Semi-awkward interaction. Not nearly enough premise or Man-to-Woman convo.


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