01/22/20 – Getting Back to College Campus Game

I’m going to go light on myself for this one. I haven’t ran college campus game in two months after Winter break and I’m getting back into the groove. So far, I did six sets tonight, but I have audio recordings on two worthwhile ones. I’m going to go over them.

Approach #1: My first approach was on a cute Mexican girl (soft HB 6) who kept to herself. She was mostly silent, doing makeup when I approached her.

Strengths: Was able to cold approach despite not doing college campus game in a few months. Did a directly friendly opener.

Weaknesses: Mostly platonic information. A bit too long. Should have done more premise lines under pressure.

Approach #2: While technically my last approach, I met up with a barely 18 college girl who was leaving the college campus. It was cold as hell and she was heading toward the bus stop. She was a hard HB 6, friendly, but unfortunately, once the conversation started getting good, she was at a bus stop filled with idle college students. If I asked for her number or continued the conversation, I believe too much pressure would have been applied to her… and to be honest, myself.

Strengths: Managed to get the girl hooked at the middle-end of the conversation. Did a spontaneous cold approach on a walking set.

Weaknesses: Not enough premise in beginning. Too short.

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