01/23/20 – Is Marquette Better Than UWM? Only Time Will Tell

On Thursday, 01/23/20, I decided to hit Marquette University. I did six approaches, but only three were worth recording. Surprisingly enough, I got warmer reception over at Marquette compared to UWM. Either a.) I’m getting better at cold approach or b.) Marquette girls are becoming more receptive to me than UWM chicks. Only time will tell.

Approach #1: Met a cute girl bundled up against a couch. She was texting on her phone, totally absent from the world around her. I’d wager she was a hard HB 6.

Strengths: Was able to hook a bit more consistently than last time. I’m becoming a more interesting man in general. Communicating my personality better. Got the girl to chase a liiiiittle bit.

Weaknesses: Didn’t hook enough. Awkwardly got girl’s IG.


Approach #2: After talking to the “lazy girl”, I decided to venture toward the college cafeteria and met with a hard HB 7. Very attractive, but unfortunately the set was short. I believe it was due to an awkward approach and consequently, it was a technical aspect I needed to fix.

Strengths: Did the approach with people around.

Weaknesses: A bit awkward. Couldn’t hook. Girl was neutral throughout the conversation.


Approach #3: While I did a few sets before this, my final set was with a soft HB 6 chilling by herself in the cafeteria. She was a Catholic girl with a bad streak haha. Honestly, I believe this was my best set. We had a great interaction and I threw out a few premise lines that made her blush.

Strengths: Made the interaction Man-to-Woman, great vibing, got her # and passed her shit test after I made a statement to get her #.

Weaknesses: Need more Man-to-Woman premise lines, should have done some evaluating and hooked her more.


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