01/25/20 – Instadate or Not?

On 01/25/20, Saturday, I ventured out toward Mayfair Mall as apart of my day game regimen to do higher approaches at day, while avoiding night game altogether. I did four sets today, however, only two were worth recording.

Approach #1: An hour or so at Mayfair, I ran into a cute German girl (soft HB 7) sporting a baggy grey sweater and a tattoo on her shoulder. She was surprisingly receptive even after my indirect opener. We had a Man-to-Woman chat, before I “insta-dated” her after she said she needed to get coffee after some shopping.

Strengths: Did premise lines early as the Todd V Facebook Group dudes instructed. I lead as Chase Amante instructs men to do. Honestly, it was a great set. I did some hooking, but not too much.

Weaknesses: Need to hook more, she didn’t ask too many personal questions.


Approach #2: After a few approaches, my last set was a tall, 6’0” kindergarten teacher. She was a soft HB 6, looked like she was in her late 20s, but it turns out she was 24! Dang lol.

Strengths: Did an approach, wasn’t as strong as the German, but decent.

Weaknesses: No Man-to-Woman, no premise lines, nothing strong. A neutral interaction.


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